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Iraq Is Like Crack

R.P. Ericksen

        Iraq is like crack.
        We're addicted,
        or some of us are,
        inhaling the heady hot air
        of regime change,
        getting high
        on rhetorical flourish,

        as Poppy did with
        "Saddam is worse than Hitler,"
        though Poppy went off the drug,
        returned to his senses,
        and left behind
        his druggie friends,
        Rummy and Cheney and Condie,
        who cannot quite forgive him,

        since they and Junior
        want to sell crack
        to us all.
        They give it away
        like candy on the playground.
        They tell us
        it really won't cost very much,
        we can quit any time we want,

        but crack has ruined
        many a poor soul
        who thought the thrill
        would be worth it,
        only to find it was not.

                -- R.P. Ericksen (October 5, 2002)

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