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I Turn to Prayer

R.P. Ericksen

        Dear God,

        We live in dangerous times.
        This free-will thing
        has come back to bite us
        once again,

        not that I'm complaining,
        for free will still seems
        better and far more interesting
        than the alternative,

        and I like to think
        we actually have
        free will, so that
        my wandering path through life
        has been partly my own creation
        and the mess we have made
        of the world might be
        partially within our power
        to heal,

        though this lobbing of munitions
        back and forth,
        each side more and more irate
        at the refusal of the other
        to own up to its evil
        and give in, this
        has gotten out of hand
        once again,

        and I fear that we, Lord,
        and I speak here
        as an American,
        I fear that we
        have gotten a little carried away,
        a little drunk
        on this single-super-power thing,

        so that I was wondering,
        if you still deal in miracles, that is,
        whether you might look down
        on that recovering drunk
        in the White House,

        and perhaps you could reprise
        the burning Bush routine,
        the one with spontaneous combustion
        where nothing else catches fire
        to right or to left,
        but people sit up and take notice,

        and maybe you could do this
        by November, 2004,
        so that this demonstration
        of which side you're really on
        might knock some sense
        into my fellow voters.

        I ask this with thanks, in advance,
        and in a spirit of greater humility
        than might appear at first glance.


                -- R.P. Ericksen (October 29, 2003)

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