People for Peace, Justice, and Healing (Tacoma, WA)
January 2, 2010

People for Peace, Justice, and Healing met at 10 a.m., January 2, 2010, at Associated Ministries. Present for check-in were: Colleen, Mark, Rob, Karens 1 and 2, Ray, Susan - Sallie's sister from California - and Sol. Enthusiastic greetings shared with Susan. Mark played a CD of his neighbor's original musical compositions. Enjoyed by all. General discussion including raves and recommendations to see Kubota Garden - South Seattle.


1.Hopes and Expectations for Peace and Justice (Colleen)
Colleen expressed interest in PJH doing a bit more in the coming year in the way of a fundraiser, in giving support to other groups (such as Nancy's Palestine group). She likes our "Affinity Group" style but thinks we might think of "doing more" in the coming year. Discussion of fundraising ideas -- dinner and movie, arts presentation, speech by valued citizen, politician, academic or other expert, no host cocktail party, debate, etc. Members were asked to bring ideas to next meeting for further consideration/decision. It was noted that Phillip Glass will be in Olympia on April 1. (He also has movies....)

2. R71 (Colleen)
Colleen also asked that we acknowledge in some significant way the terrific job of the R71 folks who were able to save SB5688, which grants state registered domestic partners all the rights, responsibilities, etc. of married couples. Suggested: no host cocktail bar and as above.

3. Financial Report (Karen)
Our current bank balance is $792.58


1. The arraignment on January 6 of the Plowshare Five's action at Bangor on November 2 has been cancelled. Government is looking into the feasibility of bringing felony charges. No new date announced. The Plowshare's group will present the reasons for their actions at a forum at 10:00 a.m. at the School of the Arts in the auditorium entered from Commerce Street on January 5. Co-sponsored by UW Tacoma. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

2. Sol announced a coming Permaculture Design Course. The program will last about eight months, will begin with a once a month lecture at King's Books, followed that weekend by work at Tacoma Park. Further announcement coming from Sol about this project.

3. DIGGING DEEPER: Mark Since July 2004, UFPPC's reading group has examined more than 275 books. Coming up for January 2010: Scheduled for January 4: DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS: DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA'S CLASS WAR by Joe Bageant; January 11: THE TRAVELS OF A TEE SHIRT IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: AN ECONOMIST EXAMINES THE MARKETS, POWER AND POLITICS OF WORLD TRADE by Pietra Rivoli; January 18: THE CHECKBOOK AND THE CRUISE MISSILE, by Arundhati Roy; January 25: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO RFK: WHY IT MATTERS NOW, by Norman MacAfee. For more information contact Mark Jensen at or see

Respectfully submitted,