Saturday, December 14, 2002 Meeting Notes

0. Check Ins
1. Courthouse Vigil
2. Proposal to Coalition
3. Future Events
4. Conflict within Committees
5. PJH Relationship with AM
6. Announcements

Tacoma PJH met Saturday, January 4, 2003, 10 - 12:00 p.m. at Associated Ministries.


Sallie: ...can't believe George Bush...recently took in Mexican Modernist exhibit at SAM, and reads novels to "escape."

Karen: Working on Shakespeare In The Parking Lot's MERCHANT OF VENICE, playing Shylock's fool.

Marilyn: Had eye surgery last week and was over-medicated during the surgery. Has had to call 911.

Mark: Was able to fix his printer without assistance when it ceased functioning and he didn't want to transport it in the rain. His wife is going back into the hospital Monday, the state of her future health uncertain.

Pat: (New member) Here to see what we're up to.

Peg: (New member) Here to see how to participate.

Marion: Working to gear up for legislative session. Enjoyed parading around in homemade hats with granddaughter on New Year's.

Colleen: Said ten people participated in handing out pamphlets at 1st Night. Although all the buttons were either sold or given away, she characterized people as pretty disinterested...there to celebrate, etc. She talked about Tim Smith who is organizing BORDC a bill of rights group interested in making Tacoma a civil liberties or civil rights free zone. (It was suggested that the movement be called Patriot Act free zone.)

Laura: A childhood best friend is in town she's looking forward to seeing despite the fact they have followed very different life-paths. She's encouraged about Fr. Roy Bourgeois' 1/19 engagement at United First Methodist (4:00 - 7:00) re: his recent trip to Iraq. She will mail out brochures on Monday and hopes to do all by computer. Will let us know if she needs last minute help with the mailing.

Mara: Glad to be back after being away for two months. Is taking a course (she likes) and looking for work.

Jessica: (New member) Has a new baby (3 mos.) and is with us because she wants a better world for her baby. Found us on the internet.

Dorothy: Disillusioned and upset with current news reports of the use of torture by U.S. (or its allies.) Marisela informed her U.S. has been involved in torture for years through SOA, Ft. Benning. Said most people she talked to at 1st NIght early in evening were positive (about NO WAR campaign) although some passed by. Enjoyed being with granddaughters over holiday.

Sheila and son Kyle: (New members) Has been educating herself on Middle East and Palestine/Israel issue. Recommends magazine "Current History" (Borders usually has it), and Paul Woodruff's book, REVERENCE, A Forgotten Virtue. Also discussed good discussion on Bill Mahre's HBO program NOW.

Kyle (circa 5 or 6 years): Refused to "check-in." Sheila says he's in feigning shyness mode until we get to know him and then watch out!

Elaine: seeing historical similarities between our time and the '30s. Wants to re-read MEIN KAMPF. (sp?) Wants to show documentary on the Black Panther's and how the government was able to split apart this coalition. She didn't get to 1st Night to distribute pamphlets but "pamphleted" many cars. Wants to do more of same. Sallie says there are areas where it's illegal (the Mall) but we could do it. Mentioned Michael Gilligan's book VIOLENCE re: the prison culture of rape and dominance.

Carrie: Just returned from peace rally in Portland last night in Pioneer Court Square where 60 to 70 people gathered with their No War Drum Corps. People shared their New Year's Resolutions. Carrie mentioned (sorry, lost the name - I think a nun) who has spent 30 years in prison for "beating up" on a missile for ten minutes...She also mentioned forming a sub-committee to form a Say No to Iraq and make Tacoma Patriot Act free advisory to City of Tacoma.


- Steven Hill, January 15. (Frank)
- Nancy Farrell, January 23 (Waterhouse)
- Vigil Sponsors (Mara)
- City Resolutions (Little)
- Videotapes: Chomsky, Zinn et al (Waterhouse)
- Conscientious Objectors-support of soldiers (Sheila)
- Incorporation PJH - (Shawl)
- Work Group - Community Dialogue (Nivens)
- Announcements

NANCY FARRELL: Nancy will host an evening at her current residence for about 12 to 15 people on January 23, at 6:30. She will show a video and discuss her recent trip to Palestine and experiences in the Middle East. You will be notified by email of further details.

VIDEO of M.Moore, Chomsky, Zinn, et al. on Iraq. Colleen has a copy of this video and wants to show to group. Discussion. It was decided to show it at 10:00 a.m. at next Saturday's meeting.

STEVEN HILL will discuss in a workshop format - 6:30 to 8:30 on January 15th - his current book on our electoral process at First United Methodist, 423 Martin Luther King Way next to TG.

VIGILS: Elaine mentioned guy (sorry, lost name) who showed up at United for Peace meeting with flyers he's posting and handing out that he made himself encouraging participation in Monday and Wednesday vigils.UPS has formed a "band" called Drummers for Peace and Carrie will talk to Adam about their joining us at vigils. It was suggested someone contact High School for the Arts to see if there are young people there who might be interested in vigiling. REMINDER if war starts we all meet at 5:00 at Federal Courthouse preferably with candles.

PARADES: Sallie said she wished we had a marching band to participate in parades such as 1st Night, Daffodil Festival et al. Elaine said we need a banner for parades.

CITY RESOLUTIONS: Carrie asked for someone for support and research to petition the City Council re: War and Civil Rights. She said there are 26 cities, including Takoma Park, Maryland, who have become ... Free Zones. Mara will contribute documents from Santa Cruz - resolutions against sanctions against Iraq. Colleen reiterated Tim Smith's work with BORDC, Bill of Rights Defense Committee. He has contacted the papers and is working with ACLU.

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR STATUS: Laura says St. Leo's, as part of its Lenten series, will sponsor a C/O information night sometime in March and April. She will keep us informed.

MARTIN LUTHER KING activities: Marilyn has been unable to get further MLK activities listings beyong Dome event after contacting TNT, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Elaine is going to call St. John's Baptist and see about other local events. Carrie says there is an event at the Colored Women's Club. (United for Peace will pamphlet MLK events.)

COMMUNITY DIALOGUES (or not necessarilly Conversation Cafes.) Elaine hopes we can find opportunities for inviting community to dialogue - perhaps by spinning off from a big event. Laura indicates interest. Sallie suggests Elaine send out an email appeal. Ardine, Sallie, Karen K & H and Ken JOnes were all involved before. Concept of Conversation Cafe briefly explained to newcomers as a one-shot chance to exchange ideas and feelings around a topic with others in public spaces such as Kickstand CAfe.

MEDIA: Concern raised by Marilyn about our relationship with editorial board of TNT and access to press. General discussion. Mark thought that we've had fairly good coverage (journalism by its hurried nature is highly imperfect) and a fairly good relationship with Trib. Group expresses desire not to alienate press. Thinks they are already pretty sympathetic. Sallie says they could have charged us $6,000 for our ad once they found out it was political but let us keep $3,000 price. Marion recommends we call reporters personally rather than just write letters. Sheila advises we take positive rather than reactionary approach to press who get plenty of that kind of attention.

INCORPORATION - Mark presented and read through Articles of Incorporation we will have to file with the state in order to incorporate. We will need an address, to list officers including a Registered Agent and a list of members. Laura says she's not against incorporation but wants to know what the advantage is. Discussion. Major advantage seems to be protection against law suits-perhaps. We can open a bank account without incorporating. We can collect monies. Carrie offers to find out about our getting an EIN number in order to open bank account. Sallie will take money out of AM. Elaine will research indemnity. Decision delayed for research.


Laura distributes flyers for Fr. Roy, January 19 event at 1st UM.

Sallie distributes left over leaflets from 1st Night.

Karen H. recommends FARENHEIT 451, Tacoma Book of the Year. They are looking for people to participate in street theater/walk on night of Luminocity on January 16 - downtown.

Dorothy distributes newsletter Bread for the World.

Mark mentions lack of attention to press reports about US involvement in torture. Says TNT was one of 10 to 12 newspapers in the country that carried this Washington Post report. Sees TNT through Barton Gellman and Dana Priest as close to what is actually going on...

Patty Murray's current struggles following her talk about why the ME is angry with us to high school students were mentioned. She needs support for speaking out.

Group formed a circle and after several minutes of silence adjourned circa but before noon.
-- R.S. Karen Havnaer