Saturday, March 1, 2003 Meeting Notes

Saturday, March 1st 2003 Meeting Minutes


0. Check in.
1. Aaron's letter to the TNT
2. MSNBC/ Media
3. Why do we continue to protest the war, when it looks like it's going to happen away?/ Because: Environment/Civil Liberties
4. Update on Peace Activity @ UPS on March 8th
5. Answering ? regarding U.N. sanctions against Iraq.
6. Earth Charter

Tacoma PJH met @ Associated Ministries
3.1.03 10:00am to 12:00pm Facilitator: Elaine
- Sarah, went to a mtg with the NWEcologicalAlliance. Has learned that Bush has overturned or is trying to overturn all the efforts to safeguard against the laws that protect the water, land, and animals. Please write or email your legislator about how you feel about this.
- Carl, feels great to be back at home after spending time in Canada. It was refreshining to be in a country that is not so Right Wing. Canada feels that NO WAR is a good thing.
- Bengi & Noah, is feeling hopeful... Bush's approval rating is declining. Yeah!!!
- Aaron, finished article to the TNT,(will share later). Bush is becoming more and more Fascist why can't people see that.
- Dorothy, went to a film over at the Mason Methodist Church @ 26th & Proctor. American Prince(?) Not suitable for kids. Spoke about uranium & the effects it will have on our troops.
- Rob, went to Kilworth Chapel on Thursday upon leaving had a feeling of despair. Felt there was a Us vs Them mentality pervading the meeting.
- Mark, presented a paper he had written for the Kilworth Chapel panel discussion, He will post it on the web page. Also will post a link to an article from Robert Pish (?)
- Tillie, read parts of an article by Richard Pearle
- Shelia & Kyle, concerned about the airlines checking passengers credit history reinforcing the right to ones personal history is O.K. Our civil liberties are slowly being taken away. Can there be a true democracy by using force?
- Cassandra, I'm glad to be here. Thank you for inviting me here.
- Sallie, a friend had been passing leaflets out outside the gates of Bangor and was told by the MPs not to come back. They were given an official statement from the Security Department. Rally at UPS Sat 8th. Will be sponsored by various groups at UPS and United for Peace. More info to come.
- Pam, enjoyed reading an alternative newspaper called "Eat the State". Check it out was a good read about the anti-war movement. Email...
- Elaine, glad to be back.
- Marilyn, MSN has fired Phil Donahue. Their statement was they want to compete with FOX so they are moving towards the right wing. She will watch CNN. Why do we keep fighting if there is going to be a war anyway?
- Sallie, Observers that wars come and go, but the environment and civil liberties are here to stay and must be addressed.


1. Aaron's letter to the TNT " Do we support our troops going to war?" Overall people felt it was great.

Marilyn, Doesn't address the question of... It's a good letter way above the larger group. War is a visceral reaction.

Sarah, "Those going off to war" should be identified as sons, daughters, husbands, wives, makes it more personal.

Shelia, Drop reference to "First Gulf War" because "First" infers"Second". Focus on increasing the readability by increasing the emphasis on supporting the troops "afterward".

General Comments... What about the uranium expose and bringing it back here? What does it mean to support or not support then answer. Needed to be more direct with shorter sentences.

Aaron, Does not want to "dud it down" wants it to be intelligent.

Sallie, PEACE IS THE ULTIMATE TROOP SUPPORT is a great bumper sticker.

Shelia, The idea that soldiers have no choice, but to fights different in Israeli & Palestine War. IDF Soldiers that refuse to fight are called refusnicks. Talk about the ultimate choice.

2. MSNBC/Media

Marilyn, News is becoming opinionated based more & more. It is not based on fact.

Carl, Likes Canada for being anti war. There are no right wingers shouting at you. Bates has a good alternative news source @ 6:30 during the week.

Sallie, Watches International Channel on Dish Network & Dish Direct. Dish World Link T.V. is listener based.

Pam, Encourages all to support alternative way to get the news.

Benji, Possible ways to support the alternative news is to boycott certain Corps that give big money to those stations which support the right wing agenda. GC... Bose & Red Lobster to name a few. Info is availible on the web.

Carl, Thank you Mark for translating the French news. It is much appreciated.

3. Why do we continue to protest?

Sarah, It is similar to a family fighting, you would not give up on your family.

Carl, American people along with the rest of the world is protesting, because of the it is slowing Blair and Bush down.

GC... We are impacting the alliance.

Elaine, It opens the door to dialogue with friends and aquantises. To connect with others about the truth.

GC... We are building a peace movement. " Love it enough to change it".

GC... What do they expect we live in a Democracy.

Shelia, We are planting the seeds of peace, It takes time to see growth.

Rob, Jonathan Schell new book talks about where this "War System" started, WW1. We have more money for defense than 23 countries combined. Article is in the current issue of Harpers Magazine.

Side Notes

Kyle, We should do a "Pedal for Peace" rally.

Sallie, Asked to take a picture of the group

Tillie, "RESISTANCE IS FERTILE" was a song at a march.

4. Update on Rally at UPS

Sallie, 12pm Sat. March 8th @UPS . Speaker & Music A short walk around the North End will follow.

Carl, Will organize a group to help with traffic. Hopefully will have orange vest to wear to help distinguish them from the crowd. Thank you Carl!

Marilyn, Needs volunteers for manning a table to sell various peace items. Rob and Cassandra has volunteered to help. Be there at 11:00 If you want to help.

Sallie, The Lending Library has some movies...Ask her about them.

5. Answering questions regarding Iraq.

...People say that the sanctions against Iraq do not hurt the people. ...The sanctions have not changed since the Gulf War. Bert Sacks lectured in Seattle and was saying that Hussein is sifting off the top and very little gets to the people. It is having a devastating effect on the people and we must help change policy.

Sallie, If you want to know more get in touch with the "Voices in the Wilderness" group.

Rob, In apast issue of Harpers Magazine there was great article about Sanctions being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

6. Earth Charter

Elaine, Where can I best put my energies?

Marilyn, Was thinking it is a good idea to divide into two groups. To discuss what special talent we can bring to the group. It is also a good way to get to know each other better.

GC...PJH is just that The EC is a great opportunity to support this discussion that is beneficial to the whole.

Mark, Has enrolled PPJH as a ECUSA partner.

Sheila, Suggested we kick-off this discussion at the March 15th meeting. Everyone Agreed

Side Notes

Do we need a facilitator to help out at the meeting.


Possibile rally @ Wright Park Sat March 15th time TBA Protest sponsored by various High Schools. They plan on walking to the Federal Building.

Week of the 15th please bring people to discuss the EC and what we can do to support it.

Rob will forward an article by Wendell Barrie from the current issue of Orion magazine to the list server.

Will try to set up a meeting with Norm Dicks during the upcoming Congressional recess.

Respectfully submitted,
Cassandra Goodwin