Saturday, March 8, 2003 Meeting Notes

PPJH met Saturday, March 8, 2003, at Associated Ministries. Marilyn D. facilitating, Karen K. Agenda, Karen H. notes.

Due to Rally and March at UPS, group agrees to dismiss at 11:15.

- Rob: Pretty good week. Rob has put in call to Cantwell's office encouraging filibuster of nomination of Estrada for judge. Personal anecdote about his son and friends (15-16) who (I paraphrase) aren't politically active: There were a lot of soccer balls going around and a lot of time spent on "hair styling" and remarks about which peers were "weird" et al. (Laughter.)
- Cassandra: Apologized for not mailing out notes of last meeting. Uncertain about how to get on listserv. Working on employment activities.
- Karen H: Confessed to having enjoyed CHICAGO despite (because of?) the politically incorrect fact that female leads become "stars" by killing their husbands.
- Anne C: Has been busy getting ready for today's peace march.
- Steven: Working on UPS student's increasing interest in Iraq and Israel/Palestine.
- Karen K: Has been experiencing a state of "cosmic dismay." Expressed her continuing concerns with the state of education - the interests and needs of the child being pushed out of the picture.
- Justin: (New) A student from PLU, Justin was introduced to the group by Mark.
- Patrina: Also a PLU student, Patrina is eager to keep up with world affairs.
- Liz: PLU senior, Liz will soon graduate. She's been involved with SNOW, works at station KPLU as a production assistant and is interested in becoming involved in finding ways to solve world problems.
- Helen: PLU sophomore. Helen is an Arab American. Special interest in Israel/Palestinian problems.
- Dwayne: (Helen's dad) Lived on occupied West Bank in the '80's to '90. Was a teacher, Bible School teacher, ran tomatoes through check points because "we were a starving people."
- ViVi: As PLU alum, welcomes PLU students.
- Sheila and Kyle: Feeling overwhelmed and devastated by escalating events.
- Kyle: Reading TALE OF DARK CRYSTAL which he showed to group.
- Dave: Helping with UPS Rally. Dave has donated videos on Iraq - dupleted uranium, sanctions, et al.
- Marilyn: Explains purpose of PPJH and our commitment to Earth Charter. Marilyn shared with Sheila (who brought us the Earth Charter) and group reactions she's had from friends she's emailed about Earth Charter and their positive responses.
- Rob: Says neither Janie Starr or Chris Martin will be able to facilitate introduction to Earth Charter. Cassandra has a friend coming to our next meeting who could facilitate.

AGENDA (There being only 35 minutes left before 11:15, short time periods assigned to each item.)

EARTH CHARTER: Group decides to ask Cassandra's friend, Rob Nevits, to facilitate. She will see if he's available. Group is invited to: Read through Earth Charter before next meeting; decide what strikes them personally; ask what Earth Charter means to us; ask what we want to do, re: Earth Charter. Next week will be Earth Charter kick-off and will become a regular part of our meetings. Come with what you like about the Charter and what speaks to you.

Marilyn: Discusses inner and outer perspectives of Charter. She sees it as mainly self-transformative.

Cassandra: Expresses interest in educating community.

Marilyn: Emphasizes self-educational aspects.

CONVERSATION CAFES - NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION Elaine and Karen K are working on this project. Karen explains the Conversation Cafe concept: Community outreach where people are offered the opportunity to dialogue on a "current" topic. People check-in, then go around the circle expressing (without interruption) their spontaneous reflections. Then they go around the circle again. PLU students express interest. We hope to work up some training and set-up events. The group expressed special interest if/when the war starts. Interest expressed in campus involvement.

PERIODICAL LITERATURE: Karen H. asked that we be able to bring literature we're through with, we think might be of interest to group to table every Saturday for anyone who might want it. Discussion of current Newsweek article on God...Group approves.


Vivi expresses interest in exploring ways we can become a better world...find solutions for a more peaceful world...discussion. Group decides to relate Study Group subject matter to Earth Charter project. Discussion. Mention of Dr. Krugger (sp.) book, CHOOSE HOPE.

Dave: Wants to know what activities we're involved in.

Marilyn: Explains differences between PPJH and Coaltion group which meets on Thursday nights.

It being 11:15 your notetaker was dismissed to go to UPS. Announcements followed. (Sorry, didn't get announcements.)

Respectfully, Karen H.