People for Peace, Justice, and Healing met April 3, 2010 at Associated Ministries at 10:00 a.m. Present for check-in: Sol, Sallie, Rob, Mark, Nancy, Sarah, Karen, Karen.


1. Sheets and towels: Sallie
Sallie is connected with a group that is helping supply clean sheets and towels for the rooms of returning soldiers -- who often return to housing here with neither. See Sallie.

2. Auction Items -- Sallie
Associated Ministries is still accepting auction items for their May 1 Spring Dinner and Auction. Celebration from 6:00 to 10:00. If you have items call Sallie at A.M.

3. Digging Deeper - Mark
Coming up: Noam Chomsky, "THE FATEFUL TRIANGLE: THE UNITED STATES, ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIANS - April 5; Jane Jacobs, 'DARK AGE AHEAD, April 12; Women and War - Daniela Gioseffi, "WOMEN ON WAR: AN INTERNATIONAL ANTHOLOGY OF WRITINGS FROM ANTIQUITY TO THE PRESENT" and Malalai Joya, 'A WOMAN AMONG WARLORDS" - April 19 and 26. Digging Deeper, sponsored by UFPPC, meets Monday nights, 7 p.m. at the Mandolin Cafe, 3923 S. 12th.

4. Fundraising - Nancy
Continuing discussion of fundraising possibilities including the question: What do we need the money for? Discussion of ideas included: utilizing a picnic area on Ruston Way, hosting a poetry, discussion, similar to the Iranian Poetry event, hosted last year by Burt Ketchum. Discussion. UFPPC members present felt UFPPC members should be consulted because it's been their event and idea and we don't want to mis-appropriate their idea. Other ideas: PJH members just donate ($100 suggested), silent "tea bag" event where participants are encouraged to "meditate about an appropriate donation," stand-up comedy starring Louisa and her father. Theme: finding a way to have fun.

5. Boycotts - Sallie and Nancy
Discussion of the boycotting of businesses who sell products produced by Israeli companies (illegally) using and exploiting Palestinian resources and labor. Ahava Cosmetics was cited as an example product. Sallie and a friend staged a brief notice of boycott in a Seattle Mall recently.

6. Endorsement - Rachel Corrie: Nancy
Nancy asked pjh to endorse reading of "MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE" at the First United Methodist Church, in May. Endorsement granted.

Additions, corrections encouraged.

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