Saturday, April 5, 2003 Meeting Notes

AGENDA ITEMS Bill of Rights Nonviolent Communication Earth Charter House to House Conversation Cafes Thoughts About Iraq War/State of the World

1. Bill of Rights

ACLU Tacoma formally endorsed resolution for Tacoma to become 78th city to go on record for supporting the Bill of Rights in the face of the USA PATRIOT Act. Next step is to lobby city council. Endorsing will involve 12/5 to be declared as Bill of Rights Day with some activity taking place. Because PJH endorsed this, work may be coming up for us.

2. Nonviolent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg speaking in Seattle 4/24 and 4/25 - carpool being organized.

3. Earth Charter

Group proposed we start going through the Earth Charter. Each meeting from now on will include 20-30 minutes focused on one point from the Earth Charter until we are finished, beginning with the mission statement. This will be a 5-10 minute presentation on the week's topic, followed by us breaking into groups for discussion for the rest of the time. Each session should include a presentation, discussion, and how it affects our personal lives. A sign up list was circulated and some people signed up for certain topics.

4. Conversation Cafes

Liz will e-mail group interested in going to a meeting together in Seattle.


Drummers for Peace
"The Devil's Accountant" in a recent number of the New Yorker (on Noam Chomsky)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich's statement on the Iraq war to the House of Representatives, April 1, 2003
The Guardian
The Independent website for a daily update on the progress of the Iraq war
Teach-on on Iraq, Monday, April 7, 7:00 p.m., at Pacific Lutheran University, in the Scandinavian Cultural Center

Respectfully, Liz W.