May 19, 2007

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met May 19, 2007, at Associated Ministries at 10 a.m. Present for check-in were Rob, Sally, Sallie, Mark, Karen, Sheila, and Kyle. Discussion: Top of the News -- James Comey's testimony re: Gonzales's efforts to get the Dept of Justice to sign off on changes of law re: wiretapping et al. while John Ashcroft was trying to recover from surgery and Ashcroft's refusal to do so until certain criteria were met.

Discussion: The media, the effects of YouTube and the internet on current political debate.

Discussion: That morning's press release on continuing delays before the Watada second trial scheduled for July. The defense is pleading double Jeopardy; a mistrial was declared because the judge said there were differing interpretations on the stipulation of facts.


Mark announced a "Warfighter Symposium and Expo" scheduled for the Tacoma Convention Center June 4-6. Word of the event was emailed to him. The "Spec Ops West 2007 Expo Trade Show and Symposium" will display products and services -- tactical equipment, weapons systems, armor, remotely controlled, unmanned vehicles for "today's warfighter -- military and mercenary." Companies represented include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman. Speeches and panel discussions are also planned. Subjects include: Global War on Terror, Indigenous Surveillance Program, "Irregular Warfare," WMD Warfare.

Discussion: Should we do something?:

1. Use PJH funds and try to attend the program(s)?

2. Vigil or stage an "event"?

Mark also distributed copies of a UFPPC statement entitled "Iraq Is Collapsing, But U.S. Media Decline to Report the Fact," adopted on Mar. 17, 2007.


Wednesday, May 23, Tacoma Municipal Court, 9 a.m. Pre-trial Hearing Port Protestors (about 20 people.)

Thursday, May 24, in Tacoma, 2 p.m. arraignment of Tom McCarthy

Respectfully submitted,