Saturday, May 29, 2004 Meeting Notes for People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

PPJH meeting minutes

People for Peace, Justice, and Healing met at 10:00 a.m. on May 29,2004, at Associated Ministries. Present for check-in were Sallie, Karen H., Karen K., Mark, Vivi, Benjie, Sharon, Rob, Sheila and Kyle.



1. Republican Convention action: report. For the Republican Convention in Bellevue, Burk, Sallie, MJ and Ted protested at an entry way into the Convention Building. Sallie showed us photos of two figures, covered with black pillow cases standing on boxes with a pair of jumper cables attached to various parts of their bodies. They held signs saying: THE BUCK STOPS AT THE OVAL OFFICE, and GOD BLESS THE WORLD NO EXCEPTIONS. One fellow just back from Iraq and other good Republicans protested the protestors. They were there from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

2. Future events. The rest of the meeting we spent talking about possible events for the coming (pre-election!) months. We came to no final decisions about what might be most effective. Areas of concern and ideas included:

Third-party candidates: (other issues than Iraq) that will be effected such as environmental issues and judicial appointments. Is a third-party vote worthwhile at this time?

Middle East Forum Concerns: Israel/Palestine

Video: PATTERNS IN HISTORY - What I learned about U.S. Foreign Policy featuring Bill Moyers, et al.

Michael Moore Movie Festival - Besides showing Farenheit 911, interest expressed in doing other Moore films including COLUMBINE, ROGER AND ME. Possibility of interesting the Grand discussed. Discussion groups to follow.

(I forgot to mention that when I talked to the Grand about the McNamara film, they told me that their policy at that time (before new management) was to rent out the theater only on off hours from their regular schedule such as before 3:00 in the afternoon, weekdays, or at 9:00 a.m. on weekends or after midnight. kh)

Grand and movie pluses: Sheila likes the atmosphere. Karen K. expressed that movies are "safe", good for stimulating discussion.

Other possible venues: Public Library, History Museum auditorium (costs money), U. of Washington auditorium -- Robert Crawford or Lisa Tice: contact persons. (Benjie)

Topics for Discussion: deeper reasons we're in Iraq, America as "Empire", Bush wants us to be afraid, are we safer now?, how to prepare people for the terrorist attack that may well happen before election day, alternatives to (a) violent (response.)

Alternatives to Violence: This became the topic for the rest of the meeting. (Karen K.) What do you do that meets people's need at the "gut level" when violence occurs...(to prevent a violent reaction.) Has the war in Iraq helped us? What do we do with (our) fear? Creating the conversation if not the answer. Is vote for Bush a vote for Osama Bin Laden. (Bin Laden wants us to react in a violent way.)

Decision to continue discussing plan for events next week.

3. Announcements.

1. Saturday night: "Freedom in Tacoma," at the Wash. State History Museum with Bill of Rights Defense Committee-Tacoma. Guest: Captain James Yee. Tacoma history's low points: internment of Japanese, expulsion of Chinese. Discussion of Northwest Detention Center.

2. Planning Meeting: June 12, in Seattle for the N.W. Social Forum. The World Social Forum will be held this year (last year it was in India) on October 15, 16, 17.

June 3 -- At the Shakabra Coffee House on 6th Avenue, Weapons of Mass Destruction and other short plays, amusing, irreverent and otherwise. Show starts at 8:00 p.m.