People for Peace, Justice, and Healing
June 13, 2009

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met June 13, 2009 at Associated Ministries. Meeting started at 10:22 a.m. (Tsk, tsk.) Present for check-in were Nancy, Karen, Sallie, Vivi, Mark, Rob, Colleen, Sol and her dad, Allen. Discussion: Possibility of holding our (regular Saturday) meeting some time at the Kuboda Gardens in the Rainier Valley, South Seattle. This land was confiscated from a member of the Japanese Community during WWII and consequently bought (or re-bought) and brought to its current (beautiful) condition by current Japanese American owner. Meeting there possibility to be discussed further.


1. Health care meeting (Vivi)
Vivi found this May 29 meeting, called by local Obama Campaign group -- Organizing for America -- an uncomfortable experience. She thought attendees would be asked for their thoughts/ hopes for a national insurance program. Instead, the group appeared to have a set agenda and were only interested in getting participants to work on convincing others of the desirability of their program ideas and to assist (already set) administration goals. There was also an appeal for funds. Sol also had the idea that participants would be offered an opportunity to speak. Discussion: Health care programs and complications due to interests of insurance industry. Another Health Care event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23 at First United Methodist Church which will feature a panel discussion. Participants include Rosa Franklin, Patty Rose, David Baughan, M. D., Craig Salins (of Washington Public Campaigns.) Also invited Norm Dicks, Adam Smith and representatives from Patty murray and Cantwell's offices. Reception at 6:00 p.m., Panel at 7:00

2. Interfaith camp (Sallie)
Although they received more camper registrations following Associated Ministries event at the Convention Center (and following Sallies' appeal), they may still have to cancel camp due to a too low number of registrations. Although camp registration has jumped over the last two years, it is believed that parents are uncomfortable about the current economic situation. Registration for other camp programs is also low. Some scholarship aid is available and fees are determined on a sliding scale. There are still some staff positions open also.

3. Ehren Watada (Sallie)
Members marked the third anniversary (June 7, 2006) of Watada's press conference at Associated Ministries during which he announced his intention to not serve in an illegal war in Iraq. P> 4.Opt out (Nancy)
Nancy has taken over for Sallie and is trying to contact high schools so that there will be an Opt Out presence at the schools, early fall. The leaflets distributed -- usually in the area of a military recruitment presence -- informs students of their right to ask the schools not to release their personal information to the military. Nancy also wants to get this information on a 24-page school calendar sent to parents. Only Lincoln High School has been successfully recruited at this time. Nancy also expressed a desire to find a way to compete with flashy displays used by military recruiters. We also need more young people to leaflet and staff the display tables. Our message isn't political but merely informs students of other options they have to military service. School opens September 2 and September 30 will be the last opportunity students have to sign Opt Out forms. Nancy wants names of anyone in contact and working with the schools that she can involve in helping to get the word out.


1. Tom Karlin's Woodshop
Everyone present expressed sorrow at news that a fire very recently destroyed a portion of Tom Karlin's woodshop. Among other items lost (machinery) were cabinets Tom was building for the new house at Ground Zero. The wood shop was insured. It took a close-by fire truck eight minutes to arrive. Loss was still heavy.

2. Digging Deeper: Monday's Read: William Greider, Come Home, America (2009) ()

3. Fundraiser: Journey to Japan
Showing of the film "On Paper Wings" -- showing the reconciliation between citizens of Japan and Bly, Oregon, at St. Leo's on Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m To benefit: Bill Bichsel's group of 20+ and their "Journey of Repentance." This interfaith group will be in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the anniversaries of the atomic bombings. They will be asking forgiveness of the Japanese people for the bombings as well as the fire bombings of 60 Japanese cities which preceded the nuclear attacks.

4. Persian Poetry
Sunday, June 21, you are invited to a garden celebration ( with goodies) and readings of the poetry of: Firdausi, Saadi, Amar Khayyam, Rumi and Hafiz. Party starts at 4:00 p.m. Bring an extra chair(s) or blanket. Address: 420 North 4th Street - Burk's place.

5. Fellowship of Reconciliation three-day family camp coming up at SEABECK — meals and lodging for a very reasonable price.  Scholarships and discounts available.  Three days of workshops and Seabeck amenities.  Go to for more information, dates, and times

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