Saturday, June 14, 2003 Meeting Notes

Meeting notes, People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

June 14, 2003

Check ins:

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met June 14, 2003, at Associated Ministries at 10:00 a.m., Sheila facilitating.

Sheila explained the check-in procedure: Moving around the table, members "check-in" by relating their activities and concerns of the week and their feelings. There are no interruptions and no dialogue as each member speaks.

Sheila: Rough week. She found it difficult to stay hopeful. Understood why people resort to violence when they feel no one is listening to them and feel they have nothing to lose. She recommends: READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN. Kyle absent and on a play date.

Mark: Read us a poem entitled THOUGHTS WHILE READING THE NEW YORK TIMES ON SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2003. Karen breaks check-in rules by recommending he post it on our website. Sallie breaks the rules by recommending he send it to the TIMES.

Linda: Describes attending the Rachel Corrie memorial at Evergreen Graduation ceremony and Rachel's mother's speech (posted by Mark on our list serve.) She explains a difficult situation at work where she is writing a book for Sandal's Resorts which she's been visiting in the West Indies. Discussed "patterns" following peace initiatives in Israel - the behavior of Sharon and Hamas which are like a "deadly dance." She brought samples of a letter to Representative Baird re: a delegation to visit Rafah, Gaza, to investigate the circumstances of Rachel Corrie's death and asked members to join her to visit our local representatives to advocate for this investigation. (See L. Frank.)

Kent: The second trial of his friend Chris has been put off until the 20th. He was disappointed that the judge who is conversant in Spanish spoke to Chris in English although Kent knows Spanish to be his first language. Found NVC conference last Saturday worthwhile and has met with Dorothy and they will set up a practice group. Was amused when a friend he was trying to communicate with "non-violently" told him he was "hard to communicate with." Wants "something to do" when people all over the world are killing each other. Is communicating with SHAG about his hopes for a unit of senior apartments at Hillside Church location. Wife Suzi, who broke her ankle recently, is doing OK.

Sallie: "Not a quiet week in Lake Wobegone." Has been working past midnight for more than several nights. Attended step son's graduation from high school. He's on his way to music school in Hollywood.

Sarah: Briefly described book she's reading (and recommends) about Islamic women: NINE PARTS OF DESIRE by G. Brooks. She has recently had a third operation on her hand and described a horrendous incident on the freeway where a big truck kept edging into her lane.

Karen: Described a neighborhood party for Dottie Krist who will be marrying Michael Sterbick in August.


1. Rafah Delegation to visit politicos
2. Earth Charter
3. NVC conference - Developing local group - Debriefing

1. RAFAH. Women in Black are lobbying to get Congresspersons A. Smith and Dicks to investigate the circumstances of Rachel Corrie's death - Where are U.S. dollars going and what are they "supporting"...and an on site investigation...Groups to involve or which are already involved: FOR (Washington), Olympia Council of Churches, Human Rights Watch, Middle East Peace Forum, local board of Associated Ministries.

Group endorses letter (to Baird) presented by Linda.

2. EARTH CHARTER. Sheila met with Adam Bray who has a UPS location for the October 11 International Earth Charter Seminar day. The Earth Charter group is meeting at Tully's (9th and Broadway/St. Helen's) the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month through the summer. They will be in the upstairs room if available or downstairs in coffee shop.

3. NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION. Discussion: Trainer and offer to facilitate a meeting. Sallie determined that the group should extend the invitation. Discussion of "Fish Bowl", participants and audience frustration with the outcome, Marilyn's email to Sallie requesting a facilitator and Sallie's response. Sallie expressed feeling abandoned by the fishbowl excercise. Each member present reflects on their impressions of the event. Further discussion of NVC "tool." Importance to us of experiencing ourselves as persons of good will. The group could reach no resolution on "fish bowl" event. Kent expresses need to separate NVC training from TPJH meetings because of many other group concerns. Group concurs. Kent passes around worksheet asking people to give him times they will be available for training starting (I believe, sorry) October 12. People can indicate interest in one to twelve weeks. Contact Kent Alcorn at 230-8948 or email:

It being 12:45, the rest of the Agenda is postponed to the next meeting.


UFPPC Midsummer Night Benefit, June 21 at 7:30, tickets $10 - JIM PAGE, HOLLY GWINN GRAHAM, STEVE AND KRISTI NEBEL plus The Raging Grannies and the Useful Fools at the Antique Sandwich Shop

Bill Bichsel will address Hillside Community Church at 10:30, June 15, about Guadelupe House; Glenn Anderson of FOR will be a guest, June 22 at ll:00

Karen H.