Saturday, June 21, 2003 Meeting Notes

Meeting notes, People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

June 21, 2003


Sallie: Feels in a productive mode and has survived feeling "overloaded."

Rob: Shared review of magazine WITHIN THESE TIMES particularly articles by Arundhati Roy, East Indian author of the GOD OF SMALL THINGS dedicated to the non-Empirical (we can resist empire) and Jonathan Schell. He also talked about film MATRIX RELOADED.

Kent: Talked about ongoing dialogue with Bix (Bill Bichsel, S.J.) over getting things done (social change and support) through small local efforts versus using government programs in relation to his hopes for senior housing at Hillside Church location.

Barb: Just graduated from TCC. (Cheers.) Nephew seriously injured around same time. Has been praying a new way, a process she describes. Her nephew's health has greatly improved.

Marilyn: Discussed her anger and upset following NVC meeting at UPS. Felt it was criminal for facilitator to leave the "fish bowl" episode participants "hanging." If something bothers her, she likes to deal with it. She's also been dealing with health issues from heat prostration. Appreciated emails with Sallie, regreted Sheila wasn't at this meeting. Elaine has offered to facilitate a meeting between Sallie, Marilyn and Sheila at 3:00 this coming Tuesday. TPJH members who attended NVC are invited to attend if they wish. Contact Marilyn, Sheila or Sallie.

Karen K.: Is on Holiday after saying goodbye to her students who she was "in community" with for two years and has met her new students. Talked about periods of transition.

Susan: New "old" member, able to attend meetings now that school is out. Susan teaches English as a second language at T.C.C.

Mark: Very busy. Discussed National Security Strategy session he attended with SNOW members where they discussed ways of communicating with American public. Mentioned presidential campaign of California 'Swami Beyondananda' who is using humor to address current political problems and concerns, and read us a marvelous 1956 poem, AMERICA by Allen Ginsburg from the second edition of the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry.

Karen H.: Currently on jury duty, one of the reasons the minutes are later than usual.

Sallie agreed to facilitate.


Earth Charter Earth Summit (October) NVC Practice Groups Take Back the Country ANNOUNCEMENTS

1. EARTH CHARTER: This group is meeting the second and fourth Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. at Tulleys down town (9th, Broadway and St. Helen's), in the little room upstairs from main dining area.

UPS despite stated hopes of last week won't be able to host the October summit. 1st Methodist and 1st Baptist were suggested as possible alternative meeting places.

On July 15 United for Peace will host a large event featuring break-out groups to discuss Earth Charter. They will discuss possible focus of the Summit.

2. NVC: Further discussion of dissatisfactions with NVC Saturday conference at UPS and what is hoped for from Thursday afternoon meeting. Also expressions of appreciation and enthusiasm expressed for going forward with NVC groups and training. Sallie said she learned something about communicating with facilitator re: breaks and general organizing. Kent is in contact with Janet Rasmussen (Wang Center for International Programs) at PLU, who is interested in NVC training and referred Kent to Norwegian scholar who will be at PLU Kent characterized NVC process as almost like "linguistics," a "grammar" developed to help people escape or overcome "blocks" that commonly occur when people try to communicate with one another in our culture. He wants to use the NVC workbook in our practice group which will be more "structured" than the fish bowl episode as we work on communicating feelings and needs. Kent distributed "time sheets" asking people to identify the times they will be available for the practice groups. He and Dorothy (who was attending family celebration) will get back to us re: schedules.

EARTH CHARTER & SUMMIT: July 15 event at First United Methodist will feature a talk by Medea Benjamin followed by break-out discussion groups. Those interested in participating in a pre-discussion group meet at Bert Ketchum's house, this Thursday, 7 p.m. Marilyn volunteered to do front desk registration for 7/15. Mark forearmed us to possible criticism by reading us right wing article from critical of Earth Charter (Gorbachev is involved so it's a Commie plot... Environmental concerns are "pagan worship"... Earth Charter is like UNESCO, dedicated to the destruction of our Judeo-Christian heritage, etc. etc.)

Further agenda discussion tabled at 12:00.


Glenn Anderson, FOR, will be at Hillside Community Church, behind Border's Books, June 20, 11:00 a.m.

TPJH fundraiser, Antique Sandwich, June 21, featuring musician Jim Page, Steve and Kristi Nebel, and other musical talents.


Respectfully, Karen