July 7, 2007

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met July 7, 2007, at Associated Ministries at 10 a.m. Present for check-in were David, Louisa, Vivi, Mark, Sallie, Karen, Karen, Sol, Sheila, Kyle, Nancy, Susan, Dorothy, Colleen, Rob.

Sallie reports that Janey Starr's husband Kurt is doing well following recent surgery. All current reports are good.

Positive reactions reported of vigil on July 4 at 30th and McCarver. Three or four vigilers present all day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Michael Moore's SICKO (currently at Grande) received a positive review from Rob.

All Faith Camp now filled up with 50 plus campers. Need now is for additional camp counsellors between the ages of 18 and 24. Camp convenes the last week in August.

WHAT'S UP AT PACT: David Lambert
David came to talk to us and answer questions re: our co-sponsorship of PACT and PACT activities. Organized following the 4th Anniversary of the Iraq War March and Rally, David handed out a brochure describing their mission - strengthening the peace movement - and asked for our questions. He defined their goals as:

1 - to be the hub of effective mobilization for actions
2 - help existing groups
3 - communicate in a more cohesive and quicker way
4 - enable sponsorship
5 - strengthen ongoing peace and justice activities
6 - networking

David said PACT has it's eye on about 25 different and potential groups to bring into the "network." He then asked for our questions and concerns. I've tried to avoid repetition but think the major ideas of the discussion following are here:

Sol: Asked David to define PACT'S definition and/or philosophy of non-violence - and what is PACT'S policy toward "agressiveness." Discussion. David asked for suggestions. Sol and Colleen offered that pjh might like to evaluate participation from event to event.

Vivi: Will PACT be there to help organize if we have an event? David explained the database they are putting together which will include information about groups and activities. Question: Are they looking for formal membership to their group? David: PACT will probably be a more flexible organization than a group like Jobs for Justice. He suggests that a group could come to a PACT meeting to advocate for an event, ask for PACT's ideas. PACT, David thinks would mobilize and put out the word....

SOL: Sees that as helpful...

Nancy: Asked about PACT focus which appears to be ending the war in IRAQ. However, PACT is also thinking of throwing a Peace Picnic in August, probably August 26 from 1 to 4 p.m. Purpose of the picnic - relax, enjoy each other's company, meet others. Planning for this picnic is still in process.

Vivi: Asked what if individuals or groups disagree with some PACT action or policy. David said he couldn't speak for other (PACT) members...and asked for further clarification...

Vivi: States that "some people" are worried about certain confrontational methods.

David offers to take back that observation and share as a PACT agenda item.

Sol: ...agrees that we want to bring non-violence and the "spectrum of non-violence" to the discussion...

David: ...agrees this would be valuable. He further states that PACT wants to sponsor, at a minimum quarterly events...Sees a discussion of non-violence as a possible event focus.

Rob: Asks how is PACT going to be different from UFPPC? What differences will it offer?

Group reminded that PJH started UFPPC as having a similar mission (to PACT's). UFPPC tries to coordinate peace group concerns and activities...

David: ...sees PACT's contribution as their database...

Vivi: ...sees that PACT might bring in different and more people...

David:...agrees this is a goal...

Dorothy and Sol: Again ask about focus of the group? Health care as well as peace issues....?

Rob: ...reiterates danger of "reinventing the wheel..."

Sallie: Asks again about PACT's mission statement....brings up our own efforts at contingency planning....

Susan: ...doesn't want another meeting to go too. We're too busy as it is...but likes the idea of PACT informing everyone about current and forthcoming actions.

Vivi: ...discusses (pjh) relations - which she sees as healthy and good - with the police department and the city council. Vivi doesn't see "attacking" the police department or the city council as a "gain."

David: ...says he will take this concern back to PACT for discussion.

Dave Lambert is the "messenger" - outreach coordinator for PACT. His email is


The Move-on Dinner was moved to Dana and Connie Burt's home at 934 S. Fairview Drive for Saturday, July 7.

Scheduled for Sunday, July 8 from 11:30 to 6 p.m. Members Karen, Mark, Louisa will all be participating.

The Rachel Corrie family legal action against Caterpillar is scheduled to begin Monday, July 9 at 9:30 a.m. at the Circuit Court of Appeals, Sixth and Seneca in Seattle.

League of Women Voters will be asking City Council members on Tuesday, July 10, to endorse Kucinich's plan for Universal Health Care. Please come and support this effort of the League of Women Voters.

AUGUSTIN AGUAYO AT KING'S BOOKS, Thursday, July 12, 7:30 p.m.
Recently released from prison after being court martialed subsequent to a denial by the U.S. Army of his application for conscientious objector status, Augustin will speak Thursday night, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. at King's Books

PIRATES OF THE CARE-IBBEAN, AUGUST 4, 9 a.m., March and Rally
March and Rally for Health Care - PIRATES OF HEALTH CARE-IBBIAN, Saturday, August 4, 9 a.m. March begins at Seattle University, enter at 10th and Madison, march proceeds to Regence Headquarters at 9th and Howell Sponsored by Washington Can! and the N.W. Federation of Community Organizers, Contact:

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