People for Peace, Justice and Healing met July 10, on the porch at Associated Ministries at 10 a.m. Present for check-in: Sarah, Nancy, Sallie, Colleen, Mark, Carl, Karens 1 & 2, Vivi, Ray, Susan, Sheila and Kyle. General Discussion: The weather.


A lively discussion in response to the letters of concern posted by email by Dave Dittmore, Steve and Kristi on vigils which are currently being kept by the faithful few like Dave, Steve, Kristi, and Sallie. Comments and suggestions expected and thoughtful included the following: (I've attributed who said what where I could...)

Nancy: Since everyone is busy, ask everyone to commit to (at least) one vigil a month. Big, dramatic, and immediate issues (events) tend to attract larger crowds (unlike the grinding "some old, same old" day-in-and-out disaster).

Colleen: While the people at the farmer's market continue to try and intimidate sign holders, they've ordered no one out or away. ACLU is proceeding slowly in monitoring the situation

Carl: Comments on the fact that according to the polls, we really don't represent the minority opinion. Most Americans are against the war. Carl suggests we host or sponsor a "big event" like when we invited the Rtd. Admiral Carroll to speak at the History Museum. He thinks we could attract a crowd. People like to attend an event where they feel connected to the issue and the concerns of others. Most people don't vigil. Those who do vigil often begin to feel "burned out."

Carl suggested as a timely topic: The cost of war.

Colleen: Wants to make a public commitment by vigiling once a month. She feels vigils do influence some people.

Vivi: Wants to see vigils continue but admits she, herself, doesn't attend vigils now. She encouraged us to join with Fellowship of Reconciliation in their current campaign which is The Price of War.

Sallie: Continues to vigil because she wants to do it. She would enjoy it more if more people were at the vigils but she's given up on asking people to come....

Sheila: Feels campaign on The Price of War could piggy back on the War Against Hunger. Or other worthwhile needs or issues like Aides.

Mark: Quotes Allen Grayson, representative from Florida, who is pushing the idea of "keeping war allocations "within budget guidelines." Mark recommends

Carl: Reiterates his idea about a "big event" that focuses on bringing new people together, sharing similar concerns.

Vivi: Suggests that since Obama is being so attacked by the "right" and "tea party...." She recommends an approach to Obama like: If you do so and so, you will have our support.

Sallie: Reminds us that Daniel Ellsberg is coming to town and may be available for a speaking engagement. The trial that is the reason for his visit is scheduled for August 11-13. Ellsberg will be in town on the 12th.

Vivi: Reiterates that FOR is really committed to it's Price of War campaign and again encourages us to join them.

PERSIAN POETRY CELEBRATION: Mark turned in another $410 to the treasurer -- proceeds from our recent fundraiser. Both UFPPC and PJH received a total of $1300 from the event. Expenses totaled $400. PJH current balance is $2,042.58


PJH will again share a table with Veteran's for Peace at Ethnic Fest scheduled for July 24 and 25. Sign up with Sallie if you can help with hospitality at the booth.

BATS: Karen
For a little "wonders of nature" experience, Karen recommends visiting Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation area in Olympia on Henderson Inlet to see the 1,000's of bats there this time of year.

Respectfully submitted,