Saturday, July 12, 2003 Meeting Notes

Meeting notes, People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

July 12, 2003

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met Saturday, July 12/03 at Associated Ministries 10:00 a.m. - 12:00. The group present at the 7/5/03 meeting elected to drop the check-in comments from the notes. Those present for check-in: Sallie, Colleen, Karen H., Kent, Susan, Sheila, Kyle. Sheila facilitating.










CHECK-IN: Discussion of why check-in will be excluded from notes: 1) People may feel freer to express their thoughts and feelings. 2) Difficult to reflect the intent and content of check-in remarks in shortened notes. Agenda items may be spawned by check-in remarks.

It was suggested that a period of time be allowed following check-in for questions.

Kent asked why we have notes. He wasn't aware of our list-serve and that meeting notes were made available there and on our web site especially for those unable to attend the meeting.

NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION: Kent and Dorothy have been meeting to develop groups. Kent is pulling together a group made up of Marilyn, Barbara, Karen K and H and Kent to meet Wednesday afternoons from 3 to 5. They will meet at Assoc. Ministries except for one Wednesday a month when the meeting room is occupied. Tacoma Public Library discussed as a meeting possibility. Discussion of whether general public can attend meetings held in the libary. Karen suggests Jean's House. Discussion of accessibility of Jean's House. Sallie and Karen think it is accessible. Need to have Marilyn check the site. Karen will call Bix to see if Jean's House will be available. The group hopes to make its first meeting on the 16th. Sheila would like to see one NVC session or demonstration ready for Earth Charter Summit.

Kent expressed the desire that the group not get tied up in the "dialect" of the process but concentrate on how people can really connect in groups...

POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY: Colleen reported that the Human Relations Commission is preparing an ordnance to take to the City Council which will encourage a better method of police accountability. Colleen says the ACLU has done a lot of research on how this problem is handled by various cities around the country. She named Portland and Boise as cities that have a good system. Seattle is less successful. Citizen review will be a part of the process and the Commission feels it's important that the ordnance "have real teeth." The ordnance will be presented to the City Council in a series of public forums. Citizens with complaints against the Police Department will be allowed to testify. The ACLU will present their research on June 16, Wednesday, at the Tacoma Municipal Building, second floor. The meeting starts at 5:30.

Kent reported that FOR is working on a "Justice Passage." The concern is not so much police accountability as making options for people coming out of prison. They are also interested in a Court Watch Program - having people witnessing what is going on in the courtroom.

7/15 MEDEA BENJAMIN AT FIRST UNITED METHODIST Sallie encouraged members to forward news of the event to everyone on their email list and especially to telephone people. Medea Benjamin will be interviewed on KUOW by Steve Shares, Tuesday, 7/15 from 10 to 11. Notice of the event appeared in the Friday TRIB. Marilyn Kmmerlyn is still in need of volunteers. If you can help, call her at 752-0442. Benjamin will give her opening speech at 7:00 p.m.

EARTH CHARTER SUMMIT: Sheila reports she is excited with the planning process. First United Methodist will be the site of the Summit. Karen Konrad is sharing ideas about a bio-regional lunch - food from this area. Sheila shared a chart of various discussion groups: Ecological Integrity, Social and economic justice, cultural diversity. There will be a children's track which will not be a child care component but for children. Speakers will include local environmentalists and other experts. Presenters will talk for 20 to 30 minutes and the rest of the time will be spent in dialogue. Breaks will be built into the programming. There will be a relaxation track and massage therapists will be available. The event will be free, donations accepted. Colleen will contact Tim Smith as a resource and encouraged Sheila to include the Hilltop Action Coalition in the planning and referred her to Ron Vignec who has many contacts in the minority community. Kinkos has promised a discount for printed materials. Sheila asked Karen about a dramatic presentation and said she is interested in encouraging bonds that will keep the group connected after the summit.

FOREIGN STUDENT: Susan who shared a story about a foreign student at TCC during check-in will talk about this situation at the next meeting.

HOUSING: Kent detailed progress and problems with his senior housing project at the Hillside Church location. One of his problems is getting support for affordable senior housing while preserving the ecological integrity of the building. He passed around architectural plans for the site pointing out a day care (where non-violent communication might be practiced with and learned by the children) and medical and dental clinics adjacent to the site. The usual funding sources such as SHAG and HUD are more interested in "energy inefficient boxes." He's not sure what next step he will take.


Sallie announced that The Facts about the War group is still meeting every Saturday from noon to l:00 outside Border's bookstore on 38th.

IBDAA (making something out of nothing) A Palestinian Folkloric Dance Troup will be at Evergreen State College next Saturday, July 19 at 1:00 p.m. in the Experimental Theater of the Communications Building. You can get tickets at Traditions Cafe (5th & Water, Olympia) or call 360-867-0290. email or visit the website at for further information. Tickets are $10.00

NORM DICKS A group is meeting with Dicks this week to encourage him to go to Rafah to study Rachel Corrie incident.

Sheila announced that a resolution "sympathetic to Israel" was passed in House this week. Smith was absent, McDermott was noted as "present." All the rest of the Washington delegation voted for the resolution.

Colleen enjoyed and recommends the movie SPELLBOUND at the Grand, a movie about children in a spelling bee. Kyle liked Whale Rider.

Respectfully, Karen H.