Saturday, July 15, 2006


People for Peace, Justice, and Healing
July 15, 2006

Present for check-in: Mark, Joel, Scott, Vivi, Sally, Sol, Colleen, Karen, Sheila, Kyle, Karen. We met at Le Donut Shop across from Safeway on 11th because the front door of Associated Ministries was broken.


Mark discussed meeting on July 18 at Associated Ministries re: Watada Support.

Mark pursued PJH's idea of co-sponsoring and developing a forum re: Watada's position on the legality of the war. He has contacted local Republican groups so that all sides and positions of the question will be considered. He's also attempted to talk to Ft. Lewis representatives. (No one in the Ft. Lewis P.R. office answered the phone!) Possible place for the forum - History Museum during late September. League of Women Voters seen as a good source for moderator.

Mark also reported an interest in reviving UFPPC as a representative of all local peace groups - as was originally intended - rather than as a separate group.

Discussion of failure of major media outlets to pick up the Watada story. Karen reported hearing a story on NPR and Channel 9.

Discussion about taking out a full-page ad in the paper and/or renting bill board space to bring attention to Watada position. Desirable locations discussed.

Although there are still no Buddhist kids signed up for the camp, the general program is coming together. Current number of campers: 40. Still looking for a camp nurse. Refer all candidates to Sallie. Suggestion made to confer with Rob about involving one or some of his pediatrician friends...

Karen asked if PJH interested in sponsoring 3 or 4 persons (with her contribution) to Oasis of Hope July 29 Interfaith conference. Group agreed to sponsor one ticket and asked Karen to find out where the money for the $35.00 ticket is going.

Scott reported group doing well and that the question "does life happen to or for you" provoked a lively discussion and some anger. Question for Tuesday: Is War Ever Just? Next Tuesday: Should the U.S. have an official language? Mark will print up 15 questions that Dendria has contributed. Karen will bring new "tents" (C/C "rules") for discussion table.

Our discussion question: What is Israel doing?


COURAGE TO RESIST - rally for women in military who have suffered sexual harrassment - last Saturday on I-5 Bridge

OMJP Forum in Olympia on Iran, 7/19, 7 to 9 p.m. First Christian Church, 7th and Franklin. Guests - Char Simmons who just returned from Iran for FOR, Larry Mosqueda, Evergreen and Mark.

UFPPC 7pm Monday Reading Group at the Mandolin 7/24 and 31 - will discuss Robert Baer's books - SEE NO EVIL and SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL

SIGHT WORKS - Dance and Spoken Word Celebration outside at the Chihuly, weekend of July 15 and 16. Karen's group will be at "the big pond" at 2:40.

Respectfully submitted, Karen H.