Saturday, July 26, 2003 Meeting Notes

Meeting notes, People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

July 26, 2003

Present were Sallie, Kent, Marilyn D., Dorothy, Sarah, Karen K.

Kent facilitated.

There was an impassioned discussion about the way the US media and some of the public have gloated over the death of Saddam's sons and grandson. Presenting photos of their bodies shows lack of reverence and respect, and is uncivilized. The group questioned, Is all life sacred? What have we come to?

Discussion of a Christian Science Monitor article which Sarah presented, on strategic features of successful nonviolent civilian-based struggle. A decision was made , asking Sarah to make copies for the group, and take time for discussion next week.

NVC practice groups.

Dorothy announced a new group starting Monday, July 28, at First Methodist Church at 6:30 pm. Kent reported on a Wednesday group which started a few weeks ago, and which has homework assignments. The aim is to become a leaderful group.

Sheila led a discussion of Earth Charter: principle I:2B. Questions were raised about what is and who defines the common good. Do we have a responsibility to SOME common good?

Kent led a discussion on the future role of Hillside Community Church. Their building has been sold to the Quakers, while HCC continues to meet there at 1pm on Sundays. HCC may continue to play a role by arranging for featured speakers. Bernie Meyer is to speak there at 1pm on Sunday, 7/27. Public is invited.

Announcement: Tacoma's Ethnic Festival is today.

The meeting closed with a circle

Respectfully submitted,