Saturday, August 20, 2004 Meeting Notes for People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

PPJH meeting minutes

Peace, Justice and Healing met August 20, 2004, on the steps of Associated Ministries - without access to the building - at 10:00 a.m. and then adjourned to Shakabrah at 6th and Oakes for the remainder of the meeting. Present for check-in were Sally, Karen, Vivi, Sheila, Susan and Colleen. General discussion: Health Care Issues, Bushmobile - Pants On Fire, et al.


Conversation Cafes: Colleen
General discussion of expanding our where-to-meet base. Are we too focused on the Mandolin and/or yuppie type venues? Other possibilities: Shakabrah, Commencement Bay Coffee House, Antique Sandwich Shop. Colleen suggested the possibility of holding a C/C at Nativity House. Catherine's Place and First United Methodist Basement were also suggested. Karen will talk to Harlan about the possibility of meeting at Nativity House. Sally will contact Catherine's Place. Vivi will talk to the Antique. Discussion: Possibility of having a kind of traveling Conversation Cafe.

Question of Week: General discussion. Colleen suggested a question formed around free speech - should there be any constraints on free speech? What about hate speech, inappropriate speech? Protest speech (i.e. protests against the war when soldiers are fighting?) Karen was asked to email question suggestions to Mark for his "treatment." CONVERSATION CAFE - this Tuesday at Mandolin, 7 to 8:30

Karen brought up Arthur's visit of last week and questions about our sponsoring a post Peltier march potluck. Sheila reiterated that this was a lot of work for us last year. Colleen suggested that we could probably get UFPPC people to help. Arthur stated last week that he felt he could get more volunteers, too. Members present in general felt that we have a lot of time to plan before February and that they want to do this...suggestion that we spare Sallie some of (most of?) the work. Tabled for future discussion and planning. Group disbanded at 12:22.

Respectfully, Karen