Saturday, September 13, 2003 Meeting Notes

Present: Sallie, Susan, Vivi, Mark, Adam, Sheila, Jeff.

[Note: The rudimentary character of these notes is to be explained by explained by (1) the informal character of the meeting, conducted while casually sprawling on the front steps of Associated Ministries on a fine sunny morning, (2) the unusually informal character of the meeting, and (3) my realization only at the end of the meeting that someone should have been taking notes!]


1. Update on progress toward the Earth Charter Community Summit on October 11. Sheila presented an update and distributed copies of a striking poster advertising the event. The program should be available in a week or so. Contact has been made with the national coordinating committee during the week.

2. Wheels of Justice Tour. Mark reported on a Tuesday meeting of people from PLU and UPS, which produced agreement on a tentative framework for the Oct. 12-13 Tacoma visit of a brightly colored school bus carrying activists discussing the occupation of Iraq and the occupation of Palestine. Details will be forthcoming.

3. Prowar and antiwar: looking for common ground. Extended discussion of the project to foster civil dialogue between pro- and anti-Iraq war advocates, which has stalled, but without a clear conclusion.


1. Prof. Victoria Buch, an Israeli human rights activist and research chemist who teaches at Hebrew University, will speak at UPS on Tuesday evening, Sept. 16, 6:00 p.m.

2. Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

Respectfully submitted, Mark J.