September 15, 2007

The People for Peace, Justice and Healing met at Associated Ministries on September 15, 2007. Present for check-in were Rob, Dorothy, Mark, Karen, Sally, Vivi, Ray, Nancy, Susan, Sol.


POWER OF NIGHTMARES: Mark reported paying the Washington Historical Museum $375.00 for use of their auditorium. Contributions received: $255.33 cash and $2.00 check. Balance $121.67, half to be paid by PPJH, half from UFPPC. Mark asked Karen to confer with Sallie re: $120 check to Mark. Discussion of film. Several members thanked Mark for bringing this film to us.

Discussion: H. RES 333 which asks Washington senators and congress persons to support this Resolution calling for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney.

Discussion: Mark

On August 30 a B-52 armed with 5 or 6 nuclear warheads "accidentally" flew from Minot Airforce Base to Louisana despite the fact that high security measures make such an "accident" next to impossible. Discussion centered on the mainstream media shut down on any facts surrounding the incident. Those interested in gaining more information about this affair were referred by Mark to Chuck Simpson's article on or the Center for Defense Information or the WSWS websites.

Discussion: Mark

Mark recently talked to a TNT reporter and was introduced to Takashi Watanabe, a reporter for the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, a leading Japanese newspaper. Watanabe was interested in talking to a local member of the peace community since there is a building interest by the Japanese in a Japanese military capacity - their Pacifist constitution is deteriorating in importance. According to Noam Chomski, Japan has the capacity to develop a nuclear capacity "within days."

Iraq Moratorium
Chomski and Howard Zinn have suggested that patriots dedicate every third Friday to doing something concrete for peace until the U.S. withdraws from Iraq.


Sunday, September 16: Mohsen Mirghanbari, Iranian-born, American-educated businessman, will speak at Hillside Church at 1 p.m. His 45 minute talk will be followed by a discussion period. Mr. Mirghanbari's speech will include a U.N. bias explanation of his homeland and the surrounding countries. The speech will touch on religious, social, and economic issues as well as both present and past political situations involving the Middle East and West. The objective of the speech is to explore our common humanity and attempt to narrow gaps of understanding between us.

BOOK GROUP/ Monday nights at the Mandolin
The group is concluding this Monday their study of the methods of Sol Alinsky. Next up - a study of the C.I.A. beginning with the books, "Legacy of Ashes" and "State of War."

September 21 at KING'S BOOKS at 7 p.m.
Dr. D.W. Sid Olufs, author of five books and PLU professor of Political Science and Dr. Steve Niva, teacher of International Politics and Middle Eastern Studies, Evergreen State, will debate the Iraq War. This is the first of a speaker series sponsored by UFPPC.

FOR -- Third Sunday Meeting
Business meeting at 3 p.m. At 4 p.m. David Lambert will discuss the death penalty.

Respectfully submitted,