Saturday, September 25, 2004 Meeting Notes for People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met September 25, 2004, at Associated Ministries at 10:00 a.m. Present for check-in were: Rob, Sallie, Jackie, Mark, Karen H. Vivi came later. Mark read us a great poem by Allen Ginsberg, "C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization Eat More Grease" from his Death and Fame: Poems 1993-1997 (HarperFlamingo, 1999) -- which made me regret I'm a fat American.


CONVERSATION CAFE We had about 20 people at our Tuesday session. A couple of people have volunteered to facilitate. Discussion: Next Tuesday's question: We discussed a question around the health industry. Who helps you stay healthy? How do you relate to the health industry? Mark will formulate the question.

Rob visited Cascade Park Vista, an assisted living residence, located by King's Books on St. Helens. Their manager, Bob Roullard, 627-3833, is interested in hosting a Conversation Cafe some time between 8:30 and 12:30. Karen said she would talk to Colleen about going in there two or three times to demonstrate how it works.

Karen hasn't heard from Nativity House about the proposal she and Colleen made to them to bring them a Conversation Cafe.

Karen reported that their committee has contacted local public and private high schools about a writing opportunity for senior students. Material received by the committee will be presented in public and written form on December 15, Bill of Rights Day at the Historical Museum, who will archive the student's thoughts and creative ideas on the Bill of Rights. Also don't miss the Bill of Rights exhibit on display through October 1 at the University of Washington Library.


A reading of Brent Hartinger's A TYPICAL AMERICAN VOTER will be presented at 7:00 p.m. at Lakewood Players in Lakewood. The performance is free.

Elaine Nivens is looking for volunteers to produce and present THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, February 19 at the Pantages Theater. This presentation is to benefit the DV Helpline, Emergency $ Fund and DV Support Group Network. Auditions are October 9 at the Pierce County Health Department, 2015 South 96th Street. Contact Elaine at for further information.

Physicians for Social Responsibility are hosting a dinner at South Seattle Community College. $60 a person. Speakers will be Rick Steves and Mary Wynne Ashford, M.D. Mike Lowry is the auctioneer, MC. Call 206-547-2630 for further information.

CONVERSATION CAFE at the Mandolin this Tuesday - 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin and Norman Solomon this Thursday, September 30 at UPS at 8:00 p. Watch the debates with Ellsberg at Wheelock student center at 6:00.

Respectfully submitted,