Saturday, October 9, 2004 Meeting Notes for People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

People for Peace, Justice and Healing met October 9, 2004, at Associated Ministries at 10 a.m. Present for check-in: Mark, Colleen, Rob, Sally and Karen. Discussion or October 2 "meeting." Since Mark and Sallie were unable to attend, a meeting wasn't held -- Karen did a "drive-by" but there was no one in the park. Colleen checked out Shakabrah but found no members. Discussion -- (what else?) the election. Discussion -- poll watching.


CONVERSATION CAFE: General discussion topic to be on Nature and the part it plays in our lives. Discussion about including and inviting non-pjh members to facilitate more actively the on going process. Discussion tabled to next Saturday when Karen K and possibly Sheila, who has been ill, will be with us. We will try also to develop questions for the next eight sessions. Mark will not be with us in November. CONVERSATION CAFE this Tuesday at the Mandolin on 12th and Proctor at 7:00 p.m.

ELLSBERG, SOLOMON, BENJAMIN EVENT: General discussion. Mark told us about having a meal with Ellsberg and Solomon prior to Thursday night event. Solomon was suffering from a migraine headache which is why they were unable to meet with larger group for dinner and watch the debates. Event summarized as successful. Karen told us she's considering a trip with Global Exchange, Medea Benjamin's organization. Mark will post information about Global Exchange on our website.

FORUM ON CSC - October 14

BORD committee has found out that there will be a forum on the new deportation prison on the tideflats on October 14 in the city council chambers. Refreshments at 5:30, program at 6:00. All interested persons encouraged to attend.

Mark told us about a tour Tim Smith recently gave him of Ft. Lewis and McCord and thinks Tim might be available for other tours. If you want to get on the grounds all you have to do is call the Ft. and tell them you are interested in touring the military museum - 24 hours in advance. Access to the Ft. is fairly easy once you are on the grounds. Mark characterized the Ft. as a self-contained society with all the necessary amenities.

The ACLU/BORD committee is interested in having pjh petition the City Council to honor Human Rights Day, December 10 as proclaimed by Eleanor Roosevelt in conjunction with ACLU/BORDC celebration of the Bill of Rights event at the Historical Museum on Bill of Rights Day, December 15.

HOLIDAY PARTY - Members present expressed interest in a celebration of the holidays for us. Plans tabled for further discussion.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Conversation Cafe, Tuesday, October 12 at the Mandolin at 7:00 p.m.

Poets for Peace - Antique Sandwich Company, first Thursday of every month. Featured reader and open mike.

IRON JAWED WOMEN - movie about the suffragette movement and what some women suffered early in the last century to get the vote for women. Un. of Washington, Tacoma Branch, Carwein auditorium, 6:30, October 14.

Forum on the new prison and CSC in the City Council chambers on October 14. Refresments at 5:30, business at 6:00.