Saturday, October 28, 2006


PPJH notes for October 28, 2006

Present for check in were Nancy, Laura, Arthur, Mark, Rob, Kathryn, Vivi, and Colleen.

Mark announced that this afternoon, he and Ryan Mello were going to be on a panel about vocations and grassroots politics at PLU.

Colleen announced that on November 2, ACLU will present a program on "The American Blackout" in the Olympic Room at the main library.

Arthur spoke on the 14th annual Leonard Peltier march. They want to emphasize that Leonard's legal papers held by the government be released to help Leonard’s cause.’ They want to have the march emphasize youth. Native American youth are like other groups and are having trouble with gangs and drugs. At some time there is going to be a youth, elder conference to share ideas.

Arthur also spoke about Oaxaca in Mexico where the teacher's union is having a non-violent strike and the government is coming to stop teachers for negotiating. People have already been killed including an American journalist. "A Grain of Salt" will be shown both at UPS.

PPJH affirmed that they would help with the dinner after the march again this year. The location is pending.

Nancy talked about a special vigil with children's shoes on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. at Senator Cantwell’s office. At 6:00 p.m., the participants will join the regular vigil at Union Station.

Laura talked about being part of a conference of bishops and Catholic Workers back east where they put together a statement of peace and the cause for stopping the war in Iraq. On November 10, 2006, a group is going to present the statement to Archbishop Brunett to endorse. Our group decided that he should because being against war is the heart of Catholic teachings.

Kathryn talked about conversation café. Because of the way people reacted at the last café, she would like some training before the next conversation cafe.

We decided that the topic for Halloween should be "What scares me?" Another topic for the future will be "What does voting mean to me?" Before we left we were reminded to vote yes on 3 - Instant runoff voting. Also, the kickoff meeting to plan next year's interfaith camp will be Wednesday, November 8.

Respectfully submitted,