Saturday, November 9, 2002 Meeting Notes


0. Check-in
1. Coalition building
2. Julio Quan meeting
3. Adam Bray's peace walk
4. Vigils
5. Announcements

CHECK-IN: a few scattered notes on remarks by those present:
- Most present mentioned dissatisfaction with recent election results....
- Dorothy:...with the exception of the failure of Iniative #1, which Dorothy actively doorbelled against.
- Colleen: See above re: election.
- Vivi: See above re: election.
- Adam: See above re: election.
- Karen: See above re: election. As member of Puget Sound Poetry Connection, Karen said poets are now starting to read their anti-war poems.
- Al: See above re election - with comments about transfer of power and appointment of Supreme court justices.
- Elaine: See above...Welcomes contributions of art community. Hopes R & R bands are influential as in '60's and 70's. >BR>- Mara: Briefly mentioned personal challenges. Has questions about meeting with Julio Quan which she attended. Is reading Noam Chomski's 9/11.
- Carl: Compared Canadian/British press to USA media/press and what is selling in all three places. With exception of Michael Moore's Stupid White Men etc. most best sellers in USA have conservative slant unlike in Canada/England. Wants the Progressives to start initiating/dominating the national conversation on PBS etc. Felt energized by Quan workshop.
- Marion: Discussed her hopes for Homeless Coalition. Told personal story of discovering a cousin of hers who has a novel out about their mutual ancestors of the Civil War generation and their involvement with underground railroad.

1. Coalition building. STOP THE WAR COALITION MEETING 11/14, Christ Episcopal, 310 N. "K" St., 7:00-9:00 p.m.
(a) Distribution of flyer for Coalition Building meeting to be this Thursday, November 14, 7 - 9:00, at Christ Church Episcopal. This flyer was developed out of meeting of four PJH members on Nov. 7 [see Nov. 2 meeting notes]. Members present were given flyers and envelopes to distribute to individual friends and interested groups. Colleen noted that the purpose of meeting is to identify interested persons and groups in Pierce County who want to work together to stop the war.
(b) Groups that might be interested: Fellowship of Reconciliation, Catholic Worker, YWCA, and groups, not necessarily pacifist, that might be against the war.
(c) December 10 - International Human Rights Day has been indentified as a good day for a demonstration involving Coalition. Also, and of course, MLK Day.
(d) Marion proposed that we emphasize desired outcomes of demonstration (and meeting.)
(e) Since we are isolated from East Coast, San Francisco area as well as Seattle and Olympia groups, Carl's interested in our beginning to develop bonds that eventually link us to a National and even International movement. Discussion.
(f) Marion asked how are we going to make sure that leaders of the various groups come to Coalition meeting.
(g) Carl recommended personal contact. He's contacted 2 UW group leaders.
(h) Discussion: Announcement on web (Mark), use telephone tree to talk to individuals (Elaine).
(i) Adam will talk to Chaplain Davis at UPS and work with him and Sally to invite liberal clergy. Vivi will talk to George Tomlin of Middle East Forum.
(j) Colleen says Christ Episcopal has made church space available on continuing basis.
(k)Carl will contact Mark and ask him to invite minister of Christ Episcopal, Cynthia at SNOW, and Marilyn to activate phone tree. Other suggestions of contacts: Olympia FOR (Vivi); Joanne Brown, United Church in University Place (Dorothy); members of individual congregations (all), individuals (everyone on list serve.)
(l) Marion asked if an agenda has been set for meeting.
(m) Carl says he wants to keep meeting open. He is developing preliminary statements and comments starting with the U.N. Resolution and recent election.
(n) Elaine suggests that since we are the hosts of the meeting we introduce ourselves, guide introductions of those present, be clear about why we called the meeting, state our assumptions (against the war) and try to focus discussion on a mutual activity. (Dec. 10. & MLK Day.)
(o) Marion suggested we try to develop a larger voice so that we can move together to stop the war.
(p) Colleen is going to Madison, Wisconsin, which is one of the ten cities in the country which has declared itself as a No War Zone city.
(q) Dorothy suggested we invite other groups to share our financial responsibility.
(r) Marion suggested we be sure to schedule the next meeting, discuss how often we want to meet as a coaltion (monthly?)

2. Julio Quan meeting. Colleen (and group who attended meeting): Julio asked what specific alternatives to war have we promoted. When we have "decided to take non-violent action" he will return to the group. He thinks we are hung up on tactics (rather than strategy.) We have to offer non-violent resolutions. Volunteering is sometimes a strategy to avoid responsibility. We have to take responsibility. It's our duty. (Colleen says she will get Julio's further "list" of what we should be doing.)
Further discussion: We need education on possible alternatives. Carl: Up until now we've been a leaderless group. He sees Julio as putting himself in position as leader, a person who tells us what we aren't and should be doing. Discussion of our leadership-less style. Although Marion doesn't see Julio's suggestions as particularly powerful she feels we should shift from our educational to a more "results oriented" approach. Al reviews history of peace community (esp. Sixth Sense) in relation to Nicaragua. Says group more or less disbanded when Berlin Wall came down. Discussion: Dealing with disagreement within the group. Suggestions included: using listserv.

3. Adam Bray's peace walk. Adam will start his walk from Methodist Church by Woodland Zoo on Thanksgiving morning. He will stay at various churches and be walking between Lakewood/Tillicum/Ft. Lewis on Saturday morning 11/30 and wants company. He has a press release ready. Marion will help him contact Kathleen Merryman at Trib for human interest story. Adam will have more detailed info on list serve.

4. Vigils. Vivi asked for information: Vigils are being held Monday and Wednesday. Pam reported 2 people on Thursday. Members are encouraged to invite groups to participate on those and other days.

5. Announcements.
(a) Dorothy is attending tomorrow a workshop in South Seattle Senior Center of the Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication and invited others to ride with her. Workshop from 9 - 4.
(b) Marion announced a meeting of the Homeless Coaltion in Seattle on 11/18 - 22nd. Catholic Community Services is hosting a dinner/play about homelessness, in honor of Homeless Awareness Day, on 11/15 at 6:00. (In old St. Leo's School building.) Price is $20.
(c) Adam: SOA Vigil on 11/15 at 4:00 in front of Federal Courthouse in Tacoma - in conjunction with Ft. Benning activity.
(d) Adam: Hunger Banquet at UPS, 11/19, 6 p.m. Cost $4.00. Guests will "eat in accordance with how food is distributed throughout the world."
(e) Vivi: FOR will meet this Sunday at 7:00, meal at 6:00. Tom and Laura Karlin are guest speakers. FOR annual retreat will be held in Lacey Retreat Center Friday and Saturday 11/15 - 16. Vivi also announced Jobs for Justice protests. Sorry, I didn't get the specific dates and times.
(f) Colleen: Local ACLU Chapter has voted to take on the project of working to restore voting rights to ex-felons, of which there are a disportionate number in this county. They are introducing bills to the legislature.
(g) Marion: Washington Coalition for the Homeless is working on project to register homeless to vote.
(h) Al: Native American activity this weekend at Puyallup Fairgrounds.

Meeting dismissed at 12:08 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Havnaer