Saturday, November 30, 2002 Meeting Notes

1. Check-in
2. Email/Listserv
3. December 8 Demonstration
4. Adam Bray's Peace Walk
5. Vigil
6. Announcements

1. Check-in:
- Rob has been reading Stephen Zunes' new book Tinderbox which he purchased after attending a talk by Stephen last Sunday. Highly recommended. To better understand how those who advocate war think, he decided to read another book called The Threatening Storm by former CIA Persian Gulf military analyst Kenneth Pollack, which is subtitled "The Case for Invading Iraq."
- Sallie has been enjoying the long weekend, and remembers Dr. Zunes from his time living in the Puget Sound area.
- Karen H. provides us with a copy of the recent article on Iraq in the New Yorker, written by Jon Anderson.
- Marilyn D. has learned things about Cultural Creatives, feels she is one. Shared a letter of response from Patty Murray.
- Dorothy was sporting a nice lapel pin, same No Iraq War design as our posters. Will try to have some available soon.
- Karen K spoke of being inspired by the reaction of some of her students to her presentation of a story about a family escaping from repression. She has be finding her center, has been feeling caught up in externals.
- Mark J has been challenged by some family health issues. Also reading about Moral Politics by Berkeley linguist George Lakoff.
- Sara G was especially disturbed by information on our country's plans to militarize and dominate outer space. Also, deeply concerned about the connections between planetary resources such as oil and water and perceived need to go to war and how this is critical as we try to support alternatives to war.
- Vivi felt that the Dec. 8 Coalition meeting last Thurs.. was well facilitated, by Elaine Nevins.

2. Email/Listserve. We discussed some concerns about how many emails we get on the listserv. We all want to try to reduce the difficulties folks have in navigating, sorting, etc. Some like the longer "content" postings, others like short back and forth communication (process), a more personal approach, some like both. Several ideas were kicked around, like making the subject line more specific, and educating users of the listserv on "etiquette" (such as recognizing the difficulties in discerning the intent of a post, and the importance of not responding to posts in a "knee jerk" fashion). -- There is a sub-group of PJH (Ken, Benjie, Rob, Adam, with Mark as an advisor) that will take ideas people have, get information about how others manage their listservs (such as SNOW, Seattle Nonviolent Opponents of War), and try to make it work best. -- Sallie has an informative piece that describes some features of the PJH list serve and some history, that should help especially for new folks signing up (for example as a result of the Dec. 8 Coalition meetings) who may be confused by the many postings.

3. December 8 Demonstration. Small groups (Content, Media and PR, and Logistics) continue to meet. All are open to interested individuals. -- The Media/PR group will next meet on Sunday Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. at the N. 26th and Proctor Starbucks. They will have posters available to pick up and distribute. Press releases will be going out soon. -- The Logistics group will next meet Monday Dec. 2 at 3:30 p.m. at the site of the demonstration, which will be in the west parking lot of the Tacoma Mall Office Building. They will do the walk and nail down the details. Peacekeeper training for the Dec. 8 event will take place on Sat. Dec. 7 from 1:00 to approx. 5:00 p.m. at the 1st United Methodist church next to Mary Bridge Hospital on MLK drive. There will be sign making at the same time and place. -- The Content Committee will next meet on Tues. Dec. 3, 8:30 a.m. at Shakabrah Jive (2618 6th Ave.). The committee will decide on music and speakers. Sara Glick would like to be a speaker at the event. We discussed various other possible speakers. There will be several pieces of written information that can be distributed at the event for participants to hand out, to further pass the word and to educate. One piece was passed around, a statement of Religious Leaders. A web site for more info: -- The phone tree will be activated to publicize the event. Mark will make his list of "139 good ideas" for words to place on signs opposing this war.

4. Adam Bray's Peace Walk. We broke briefly to talk with Adam Bray via cell phone. He was walking on the road across Fort Lewis, toward Roy and Yelm. Several PJHers planned to join him for part of his walk later in the day.

5. Vigil. They continue each Wed. 5-6 pm in front of the Federal Courthouse at 1717 Pacific Ave. This Wed. there will be a special event, a marriage of Robert and M.J. Ewing, that will take place during the regular vigil time. Bring Candles in quart jars or "flashlight candles".

6. Announcements.
(a) Sallie will post an announcement on the listserv about the peacekeeper training to be held in Lacey on Sunday Dec. 15.
(b) Northwest Peace Forum is planning a walk between St. Charles Borromeo, the Tacoma Mosque, and the Tacoma Temple. Date and time not yet set, possibly Sat or Sun of MLK weekend. This is in honor and remembrance of Zahi Haddad.
(c) We will plan on regular vigils on the Wednesdays of Dec. 25 and January 1. these should be special, plan to come!
(d) $300 was raised at the Coalition meeting last Thursday evening. With an additional anonymous donation of $100, the anti war-chest is substantial! This will support making of posters, etc.
(e) Karen K. wants to revive the energy around conversation cafes.
(f) We need to re-schedule our discussion with David Alger of Associated Ministries about our relationship. We plan no change in our meeting time and location.
(g) Colleen Waterhouse noted that World Aids Day is tomorrow, Dec. 1. There will be an event in recognition of this at 6 p.m. that day at Christ Episcopal Church (K street near Division). Must be food?
(h) Carrie called our attention to the fact that today (11/30/02) is the third anniversary of the Seattle WTO protest.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Gramenz