Saturday, December 7, 2002 Meeting Notes

1. Check-in
2. PPJH and Associated Ministries
3. Logistics regarding the December 8 demonstration and march
4. Solving conflict and dissension in a leaderless group
5. Contacts with the press (KOMO and KIRO and others)
6. Conflict in the Middle East
7. Announcements

1. Check Ins:
- Sallie is learning some new lessons, re- learning some old ones.
- Marilyn is feeling very happy to be working with the peace groups.
- Vivi has changed jobs, transition time.
- Sheila and her son Kyle were here for the first time. They were at the 10/7 rally, just happened to finally have a Sat. am free.
- Dorothy is hopeful.
- Rob enjoyed a discussion this week with a Japanese American couple who met while interned in a camp during WWII.
- Elaine has been busy.
- Sara recalls the imposing guardhouse still standing from an old Japanese American internment camp in Kansas.
- Colleen spoke of the recent discussion she had with friends about "playing the numbers game" in peace actions: what does it mean to have 10, 100, or 1000 people turn out for events?
- Marion has taken on a new job with Washington State Coalition for the Homeless
- Mark says he's taken only positive calls since he has had his phone number published for more information on PJH and the December 8 Coalition. He is dealing with health problems in his family.
- Dorothy has information on peacekeeper training on Dec.15 (see announcements at the end).

2. PPJH and Associated Ministries (AM):

David Alger attended our meeting. Currently, there is no formal affiliation of PJH and AM. However, AM is involved in handling our finances, and is allowing us rent-free meeting space. David does not feel that there will be any problem with us continuing to meet at AM. However, the AM board is asking for more clarity on the relationship between PJH and AM if there is to be continuing involvement with our financial affairs.

He told us that in the past, a subgroup of AM that addressed peace and justice issues in the broader global community was called the Shalom Center. That interfaith group is not currently active, and AM hasn't been too active lately in this area (broader global issues). For example, AM has not taken a position on Iraq.

One option could be for PJH to affiliate formally with AM. In that way, we could recommend actions to the AM board. There is strong support from the majority of AM board members for a more active role in global peace and justice issues, as well as support for formalizing a relationship with PJH that could be similar to the previous Shalom Center.

There is a local group that is considering a large financial contribution to AM to establish a Peace and Justice Endowment, which could help our cause.

Specific issues discussed:
a.. How would PJH and AM make decisions and come to agreements?
b.. PJH could recommend to AM that they develop a statement regarding broader global issues, and make that a condition of our affiliation.
c.. We could affiliate, and thus be able to "nudge" AM on our issues of concern.
d.. Financial contributions would not be tax deductible if we were explicitly separate from AM
e.. Could PJH attain 501(C)3 status? What are the pros and cons? For example, Catholic Worker has explicitly rejected obtaining 501(C)3 status.

Decision: PJH needs to kick this around, and make a decision to be communicated to David so that he can take our proposal to the AM board at the January meeting, January 16. It would be best if our decision and recommendation was ready by the time the AM program committee meets, on Jan. 10.

David is very interested in the issue of gun availability in our community. He asks that we consider how PJH may be involved in this problem.

3. Logistics:

Sallie and Elaine reported on elements of planning for the Dec. 8 demonstration and march at the Tacoma Mall. We touched on collecting donations at the event, availability of buttons and signs, media contact person, timing of events for the day, garbage and recycling, sound system, a truck is still needed and general comments about the speeches. A new brochure on PJH is still being formulated, and will not be ready by tomorrow. Emphasis from the podium at the march will be on:
a.. Critical thinking
b.. Educating
c.. Creating space
d.. A call to action
e.. "Protest isn't un-American, it's the policies that we are protesting that are un-American."
f.. Frame the conversation: "What does peace need of me? How can I promote it?"

Money collected will be pooled. Folks spending on elements of the March will in general need receipts in order to be reimbursed.

4. Solving conflict and dissension in leaderless groups:

Decision: This needs more time, and this discussion was deferred until next week. This is also an issue for the December 8 Coalition.

5. Contacts with the press (KOMO and KIRO and others):

Press releases have been sent out by the committee (12-8 Coalition). Marilyn D. had an interview scheduled for today, but the interviewer hadn't followed up as planned. Mark J. had a voicemail from KIRO, not followed up by them. We decided to have several Media Packets available to hand out to media representatives at the march. Decision: We agreed that PJH could contribute Mark Jensen as the chief contact person for media representatives attending the march.

6. Conflict in the Middle East:

Sheila, present for her first PJH meeting, is interested in the group working on issues of peace in the Middle East. She has recently become intensely interested in this problem, especially after hearing a story about a Palestinian woman that was killed as a result of Israeli military action, and the heartbreaking process of finding a home for her children.

We talked about the media and about viewing the conflict from different angles. There could be PJH support for a petition, other actions.

Vivi reviewed some of the activities that some of us have been involved in. Since Sheila may not be able to get to another of our meetings for a while, The NW Middle East Peace Forum, Linda Frank, and Tikkun magazine were mentioned as a few of the places to get information and updates on current activities. No formal PJH action taken, but need for further discussion.

7. Announcements:

1.. Evergreen Tacoma had an Iraq teach in on Saturday, Dec. 7 (same day as this meeting) in the afternoon. Since many of us had heard of it only very recently, we realized we have some work to do in the area of communication with other groups working on our issues in the South Sound.

2.. FOR (Fellowship Of Reconciliation) will have David Sparling speak about his recent trip to Iraq at their potluck on Sunday Dec. 8. Dinner at 6 p.m. and talk at 7 p.m., Hillside Community Church in Tacoma.

3.. Army Lieutenant General Soriano, the Fort Lewis commanding general, has responded to our letter of concern regarding the actions of some soldiers from Fort Lewis during our October 7 demonstration in front of the Federal Courthouse in Tacoma ("Union Station"). Our letter and his response will be posted on our web site by Mark Jensen.

4.. Educator, writer, and anthropologist Elizebet Sartouris will speak about "evolution taking a leap" at the Unity Church in Tacoma, 7 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 8. Tickets are avail at the door, and are $15.

5.. The Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is "a trained, international civilian nonviolent peace force. It works at the invitation of local groups to protect human rights and prevent death and destruction, thus creating the space for local groups to struggle nonviolently, enter into dialog, and seek peaceful resolution." There is an upcoming NP sponsored Peacekeeper Training on Sunday, December 15, from 1-5 p.m. at the Lacey Community Church. Donations requested. This is sponsored by F.O.R. Olympia. Contact is Glenn Anderson, (360) 491-9093. Directions: I_5 South, exit at Martin Way, exit # 109. Turn right onto Martin Way. At the next light, turn left onto College and go about 1 mile. Turn right on 19th. This is a residential area, and the church will be on your left.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Gramenz