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Meeting notes 1/5/2002

Present: Ken (facilitator), Ardine, Margie, Colleen, Bob, Diane, Marian, Sally, Karen, Chris, Elaine, Anne, Marge, Rob, Janie, Pam, Carl, Karen, Audrey (note taker). There were four newcomers and we welcome them with open arms, hope to see them on a regular basis and appreciate their participation.

Next Meeting will be at Associated Ministries, Jan. 12th , 10 am to noon at 1224 So. "I" Street (white building on the corner) - PLEASE COME. The facilitator will be Carl A., and a volunteer is still needed for NOTE TAKER - please come prepared.

ONGOING "PEACE" VIGIL - Wednesdays 12:30 - 1:30 - in front of the Fed. Bldg. on Pacific Ave. across from U of W (Tacoma) - Bring a friend! If you can only come for a part of the time, that's fine. We have extra signs so you don't have to bring one, but your support is appreciated. This goes on rain or shine!

Our Website: The address is <> or <> The notes for all of our meetings are posted on the website, and there are many articles and links, with new ones posted often. Take a look!

The meeting began with the community check-in with reflections on last week's events in our lives. The general themes were: Gratitude; connections; personal IS political.

Announcements/Committee Reports

Conversation Cafés: Flo and Ardine are co-chairs. Twenty plus signed up at our first event to show interest. Chairs will call committee members to meet soon, to develop a plan of how these cafés will be facilitated. This committee welcomes new members, if interested contact Flo at

Study Groups: Colleen is the chairperson of this committee and will be contacting members to meet in the next couple weeks. If you are interested in being in on the planning, contact Colleen at

Admiral Carroll Event Follow Up Report: Marian H. announced that the 3 videos that were taken at the event will be edited into one good video, Dan at UPS has volunteered to assist with this task. She asked for input on whether people were interested in having personal copies of this video and whether there would be interest in sell copies or providing them with a request for donations. The minimal cost of processing the videos would include providing a blank video tape to get a copy. It was suggested that we ask for a $5.00 donation for each of these video tapes. Anyone with ideas or recommendations in regard to this project please contact the group PJH listserv - especially if you know that you would want a copy of the video(s).

Next (2nd) Event Report - FILM: Janie confirms award winning film "Long Night's Journey Into Day" will be shown on Jan. 20th at Washington Historical Museum in Tacoma. The event is from 2-5 pm, the film is 1.5 hours long and there will be time for discussion following the film.

This discussion will be facilitated by Ron Slye, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University, and Advisor to the South African Truth Commission. There is free admission to the Museum and the film will be shown downstairs in the auditorium. Fliers and posters have been printed and 250 mailed out, cost approximately $270.00 which was available from our first event. Flyers and posters are available for anyone who wishes to distribute from Associated Ministries, contact Sally (253-383-5592) there for details. The film covers 4 true stories of trials held in So. Africa. The questions to ponder are; can conflict be resolved? Is there restorative justice? How or did these people find truth and reconciliation? The main goal of holding this event and showing the film is to continue to expand the conversation about alternatives to war and violence, and ways to achieve justice through peaceful means.

This film is a KAOW archive from Sept. 20th and Janie will check on getting a link on our web site. The film is also being shown by groups on Vashon, and in Olympia before and after our event. As a day sponsor on KAOW we will run an ad for this film event, plus do an hour show prior to the event which may include an interview on the air with Ron Slye.

Promotion: TNT contact made, press release is ready (Chris), Martin Luther King Promo person has been contacted. It is advertised in the Jan. issue of the paper ‘Channel' , Colleen will make school contacts at Evergreen CC, Ardine will contact UW Tacoma, and Janie is contacting Charles Wright H.S. and encourages anyone else who knows someone in area High Schools to contact them. Suggest to schools to give students extra credit for attending and reporting back, or encourage teachers to bring their students, etc. It was recommended that Pierce County Council members be notified and any other government official.

**Please let Janie know where you post fliers****

Elaine is doing the programs, and Carl is organizing logistics.

Ken and Pam will meet at the Museum to run through set up of the video with museum staff and determine what is needed. Chris has information on our group that she will share with Elaine to include in the program to be handed out at the event. There is also a request for "Quotes" that people think would be fitting to put in the program - send ideas to Pam at

If you want to HELP at the EVENT - please volunteer to help set up, meet and greet, clean up. Volunteer by contacting Carl at

At the film event; Karen will again donate flowers and pictures (decor) Marian will do a video/audio of the event, there will be tables with literature to share (focused on diversity), Colleen will contact the City Human Rights Dept. to see if they want to have a table on their events.

FILM COMMITTEE will meet Thursday at Janie's office at Associated Ministers, or contact her with ideas, concerns, questions, if you can't be there. Next Sat. PJH Meeting it's requested that we talk about "hopes" for the outcome of this event.

After the Film Event - there will be a POTLUCK for volunteers of this event and the guest speaker/facilitator will be asked to join us. Potluck will be at Chris's house (Prospect and 6th) at 6 PM

NEXT (3rd) EVENT : Theme - Civil Liberties

Flo and Carrie are co-chairs of this committee. Colleen reported on their first meeting (1/2). They are looking at tentative date of March 2 or 9th. Ken is contacting Jim Hightower who will be on a national tour in spring or early summer. The committee thought a panel of speakers sounded best, a variety of local persons that are dynamic speakers was discussed. There were suggestions for lots of interaction with the audience and speakers, possibly breaking into small groups to ask or answer questions in addition to a large group presentation. A tentative name for the event was; "Civil Liberties in time of War". They will contact the local chapter of ACLU to supply a speaker and co-sponsorship. A High School setting was suggested as a possible venue, where several rooms would be available, have it last 3 hours with one hour for speakers and 2 hour small group discussions and question/answer period. The hope is that some of this will lead people into conversation café and study groups that are forming. Educate through involvement and get personal and political connections working in action.

If interested in being on committee or submitting ideas - contact Flo or Carrie Little - All are welcome, please come. Committee will have date and flier info. By next Sat. Meeting.


Sally reported:

Peace Walk starts the 15th of Jan. from Banger, goes to NY. They leads will be carrying embers from Hiroshima. Monday Jan 21st the walker (any walkers willing to join in) are meeting at 7:30 am at All Saints Church 204 6th Ave. SW, Puyallup WA ad proceed to the Puyallup Fair Grounds for a remembrance of the Japanese Internment, at 8 am the walk continues on Pioneer Way to Chief Leschi's Grave in the Puyallup Burial Ground, then on to the Tacoma Dome to join in the tribute to Martin Luther King.

Sally passed out copies of the Channel paper which describes the peace walk event and has an article on the Admiral Carroll Event

The NW Disarmament Coalition is meeting in Seattle next Monday, Sally is going and Wants to know if anyone wants to go with her - Jan 14th at 3 pm in U-District. Contact her if interested (253) 383-2672 ext. 105.

Sally is expecting Admiral Carroll to get back to her with news on National Missle Defense. There continues to be meetings at Trident, held early in the morning - Thursdays, 5-7 am. Let Sally know if you wish to go and pass out leaflets at the gate entering the Base. Groups may go, Pam and Rob expressed interest, any others? Groups may go, so contact Sally.

Meeting was adjourned at noon with a circle of hands held in silence, broken with wishes for peace.

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