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Meeting notes 12/8/01

We met at Associated Ministries, and thanks to Chris for facilitating. We will NOT meet next Saturday morning because of the EVENT Saturday afternoon.

The next meeting of this group will be held at 10:00 A.M. on December 22nd - we will reflect on the December 15th event, and discuss the January film event and the possibility of creating a civil liberties event with ACLU in February.

ONGOING VIGIL - WEDNESDAYS 12:30 to 1:30 - in front of the Fed. Blgd, bring a friend! If you can, bring a sign.

Our Website: The address is <> or <> The notes for all of our meetings are posted on the website, and there are many articles and links, with new ones posted often. Take a look!

Because of the upcoming event, the community check-in was brief, and a summary will follow these notes.

Next Saturday is our event "Seeking Alternatives to War: Confrontation or Cooperation" at the Washington State History Museum, 2pm until 4pm. If you wish to help with the event as an usher or in another way, contact Carl at (That's the word "Carl" followed by the numeral "1") and he will contact you about arrival time for ushers and so forth. We need more ushers as peacekeepers for the event, so if you know anyone who would be appropriate, contact Carl.

Individuals and committees reported on preparations for the event. Lodging, transportation and meals for and with the Admiral are all arranged. Several people are handling videotaping and recording, with Marion coordinating. Rob will contact Ken regarding using UU Church for the follow up/overflow viewing of the video. The plan is to have this arranged before Saturday so that people that are turned away will be invited to that viewing.

There will be tables in the foyer for handouts from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Shalom, FGC, Guadalupe House, the Law Collective, and one on environmental issues; and there will be sign up sheets for Conversation Cafés and Study Groups. Ursula will arrange a Suggestion Box, and Karen is arranging flowers and the Donation Box. Sallie is organizing sign ups for this group using clipboards, which the ushers will pass.

Attendees will be given a program with the schedule on one side and the resource page from our website on the other.

Janie (MC) and Sallie (introducing the Admiral) took suggestions from the group about the content for their talks, and will meet together to arrange that content.

Chris is the Press Contact for the even, and will prepare a press packet. If any press at the event have questions, please refer them to her - she'll have a "badge" on.

The schedule for Saturday is as follows: Carl, Pam and set up people and table staffers arrive at 1:00, ushers arrive at 1:25, the doors to the auditorium open at 1:50, and 2:15 the program begins with Janie as MC, at 2:20 Janie introduces Sallie then Sallie introduces the Admiral who speaks until 3:15, at which time there will be a question/answer session. At 3:45 there will be closing remarks, a fundraising pitch with baskets passed and a box for donations at the door.

The public needs to be gone from the auditorium by 4:00, and will be invited to tour the museum after the event at no charge.

Janie reported for the Film Committee with a request that if any one has connections with publicity or media for the MLK weekend events, please contact her, as we would like to arrange to connect with some of those publicity opportunities.

There was a discussion about creating new signs for the vigil, and most agreed that the present signs are still relevant, but adding a couple more, such as "Seeking Alternatives to War" and "Peace, Justice, and Healing" would be good. Everyone is encouraged to attend weekly, Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 in front of the Federal Building.

Colleen reported on her meeting with the small, struggling Tacoma ACLU chapter. The would very much like to co-sponsor a public event with this group on the civil liberties issues that are emerging this fall. They want to be clear that they do not take a position on the war, but can supply speakers and written material, and are also feeling a sense of urgency on these issues. Our group agreed that this is an important issue and are interested in creating this event - perhaps for February. We agreed to discuss it at our next meeting, which is December 22nd.

Here is a summary of this week's community check-in, responding to the question "What do you hope for as a result of the December 15th event?"

Hoping for a big turnout; hoping to fill the place and that at least 10 people change their minds about current events and at least 5 join our group; hoping people will continue to dialogue about these issues; hoping this will generate conversion about other ways to be; hoping for more hope; hoping this will plant seeds for future change; hoping this will be a beginning of some people to ask questions they haven't asked before; hoping particularly that military people begin to think different; hoping lots of people sign up for the Conversation Cafes and that more people talk about issues and educate themselves; hoping that all of us remember who we really are; hoping that this event helps build and strengthen a movement for change; hoping this is the beginning of a series of events on these topics which will help bring change to Tacoma; hoping some people who have not considered thee ideas experience an "ah ha!" moment at this event and then carry that new perspective forwardSee you at "Seeking Alternatives to War" December 15th 2-4pm Washington State History Museum, 1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma - Free Admission!

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