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Meeting notes 1/12/02

The next meeting of this group will be held at 10:00 A.M. on January 19 at 10:00 a.m. at Associated Ministries.

ONGOING VIGIL - WEDNESDAYS 12:30 to 1:30 - in front of the Fed. Blgd, bring a friend! If you can, bring a sign.

Our website: The address is <> or <> The notes for all of our meetings are posted on the website, and there are many articles and links, with new ones posted often. Take a look!

Meeting began at 10:10, in attendance approximately 14 members, facilitator - Carl.

Agenda: Check In
Discussion - Movie 1/20
- Civil Liberties Panel 3/10
- Other Projects
- Announcements


What: Long Night's Journey into Day, Sunday, Jan 20, 2-5pm, Washington State History Museum, 1911 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Admission Free, discussion facilitated by Ron Slye who is on the law faculty at Seattle U and is an advisor to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. (Press release and flyer available on website.)

Sallie: Was able to get promotion of film 1/20 on KUOW program. Ron Slye, facilitator for Movie 1/20 will be on KUOW 94.9 FM, on 1/18 at 9a.m. He will mention film and discuss International Law and Human Rights.

Janie: Circulates list asking members to indicate where they have/will post posters. Video tech for film has been taken care of...

Pam: Museum impressed that we have coached ushers on how to handle people that may get "out of line" during film presentation/discussion.

Volunteers to help with movie asked to show up at 1:30 for 2:10 presentation. Pam will speak at 2:10.
Conclusion of movie - baskets passed for donations.
Bathroom break. Group breaks for discussion. Discussion groups will be asked to focus on same question(s) concerns. Group called back into session. Group will announce their "conclusions" via mike to larger group. Volunteers asked to assist with mikes. Announcements. Group will be told film is available on loan. Guy member volunteers to be liaison with projector person from museum. Tables will be set up for: Sign up for Conversation Cafe, study groups, list of environment groups, other peace groups. A representative from city celebration of MLK peace day and march has been sought. Civic leaders have been invited. It is decided to acknowledge and thank civic leaders in general (rather than specifically) for their presence.

Sallie will be responsible for sign-up clip boards. Child care will be provided probably in some room near to auditorium. Toys needed for room. Sallie will arrange for room.

Karen mentions Jan 21/22 Buddhist Monks Walk from Puyallup to Dome to Mosque. Members invited to join walk at any point. Sallie will copy info about the walk to have on tables in lobby.


Colleen and Carl reported from their committee; it's been decided it will be a panel, and the title will be Civil Liberties in Time of War. Date March 10 at local college. First choice - Evergreen, Second Choice PLU

Discussion - Whether our logo Alternatives to War should be used in conjunction with advertising panel since ACLU is neutral on war issue. General discussion of issue. Group determines to seek ACLU's desire in the matter and to cooperate with their wishes although group preference is to use logo. (Two people voiced their strong feelings that ACLU co-sponsorship is more important than our logo for this one event.)

Program: Presentation of Panel, consisting of ACLU rep, committee is seeking a member from Islam community, person who was or who had a family member who was interned in internment camps in WWII, black woman active in civil rights movement. After panel presentation, group will break into 10 groups, each of which will have a facilitatior. Panel will assist in determining focus for groups. Facilitators will present concerns of groups. Panelists will be encouraged to stay through this session.

NEXT ISSUE: Due to several comments during the check-in at the beginning of the meeting that the person was feeling some question about their continued involvement with the group, it was decided to do a "go-round" where people would talk about their needs from the group and whether or not those needs were being met. This is what was said:

  • Speaker voices some reluctance to attend this meeting. Group decides to "go round" so members can voice their personal needs/expectations of group.
  • Speaker: Felt ambivalent about attending. Considered not coming. Has other concerns but no fully formed answer.
  • Hears from people...Discusses different needs of outcome versus process oriented people. Appreciates process. Thinks of not coming, but has to come because of commitment to group.
  • Hard to stay in group but needs to be in touch with like minded people because it's too lonely on outside. Concerned about how we can know about what is really going on in Afghanistan. Thinks students should be introduced to groups like ours. Knows Afghanistans who could participate in panel.
  • Concerned about getting the word out to kids.
  • Time very limited now. Concerned about new people who come but don't come back. Thinks we're too oriented to task right now. Wants process of group.
  • Likes the fact that this group, from the very outset, has had new faces - not the same faces we've seen in the Tacoma peace movement for years... Interested in more action. Vigiling, leafletting. (8 people at last vigil.) Interest in getting re-involved with anti-Trident, anti-missile protests. Wants to attend Northwest Disarmament group in Seattle.
  • Wants to continue history with group. Invites to join Fellowship for Reconciliation meetings. (Feb. 9 at Hillside Church.)
  • While every Sat. a.m. 10 to 12 is a big time commitment, feels need for community of like-minded people. Suggests one big meeting a month then break into smaller focus groups on other Saturdays. Feels she'd attend most of them anyway.
  • Affirms what other person said about forms of activism. Feels need of group when one feels people in power are making huge mistakes. Personal family concerns.
  • Proud of things group has already accomplished. May have sounded negative during first check-in, but is concerned that we might lose focus. Thinks Conversation Cafe might be vital part of the picture for him.
  • What she needs is to be a part of a group of peace makers. Although she knows where she stands on issue of war, wants to feel better informed. Study groups. Doesn't want to feel that she is "doing things badly because she has too much to do." Mentions George Tomlin Peace in the Middle East group at UPS.
  • Surprised by initial check-in where dissatisfaction was expressed. Feels very proud of group. Talks about own over-commitment. Willing to consider new meeting schedule. Grateful for group - been an activist all her life, although not by choice.
  • Thrilled with group which meets his need to be able to express who he is... Job with government (very conservative.) Is willing to reconsider meeting schedule.

Janie suggested that the question of the frequency of meetings be put on agenda for next Saturday.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Peace in the Middle East, George Tomlin, UPS, Thursday, 7:00, Occupational Therapy Building. Fellowship For Reconciliation, second Sunday in February, Hillside Community Church, potluck at 6:00, meeting at 7:00. Colleen tries to set meeting about study groups. Karen signifies interest. Difficulty in getting meeting dates for all those interested in attending. Will email. Janie suggests we visit Conversation Cafe in Seattle to study their model.

Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Karen Havnaer

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Last updated: Thursday, January 17, 2002