People for Peace, Justice, and Healing

The Path of Peace

       The path of peace is on my mind
       It's glowing in a radiant light
       Where people talk and work things out
       and only righteous deeds have might.

            Yes we will walk the path of peace.

       It's time to build and save resources
       Time to stop the tearing down.
       Respect for life and for the earth
       there's work enough to go around.

            Yes, we will build the house of peace.

       We're all so diff'rent, that's a fact,
       But what a thrill for you and me
       that we can look at each and say:
       in diff'rence we are free to be.

            Yes, we will join in the song of peace.

       The children all must have a home
       surrounding them with loving care,
       for there they learn the ancient truths
       that family life and village share.

            Yes, we will share embrace of peace.

       In peace we can pursue sweet air.
       In peace we'll trip the hidden mine.
       Then nevermore a holocaust,
       apartheid, ethnic, gender crime.

            Yes, we will sow the seeds of peace.

       There really isn't time for war.
       The health of suff'ring people urges.
       The plea of justice spans the globe
       New thought remove the ancient scourges.

            Yes, we will trust the strength of peace.

       So, let's give peace another chance;
       the effort is so very needed.
       It only takes a change of heart
       to have those deepest longings heeded.

            Yes, we will reap the gifts of peace.

              -- Ann Philis Murphy (2003)

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Last updated: February 8, 2003